The Best Isekai Manga of 2023: Exploring New Worlds and Unique Stories

These newly released fantasy manga, debuting in 2023, are sure to gain a massive following as their stories continue in 2024.

The Top 10 New Isekai Light Novels from 2023

Akuninzura shita B-kyuu Boukensha Image Source: The Games

Out of countless genres and themes that manga explores, isekai has always been prevalent. Many people are fascinated by seeing regular everyday characters being reincarnated in another world, often with countless opportunities that were out of their reach before. This can provide breathtaking, interesting physical and internal transformation stories. They can also evolve into epic romances or have lighthearted, very dark, and dramatic takes, creating endless opportunities for readers.

The year 2023 saw many newcomers in the isekai genre, many of which are still gaining traction and will undoubtedly end up with larger fanbases as time passes. Here are some notable examples of the best new isekai manga of 2023:

10. Akuninzura shita B-kyuu Boukensha 🌟

MyAnimeList ranking: 7.37

Not all isekai protagonists have to be great, world-saving heroes. Sometimes, the people behind them steal the spotlight, and Akuninzura shita B-kyuu Boukensha is a perfect example of that. It focuses on the story of Gray, a regular NPC in a game who happens to save an orphan and raise them as his own. Little does he know that this orphan is destined to become the hero and savior of this world.

This manga is a good choice for readers who like action-focused stories with prevalent themes of family dynamics and difficult decisions that a father has to make. The manga keeps up a wholesome tone but doesn’t shy away from touching upon deeper themes.

9. Being Raised By Villains 🌟

MyAnimeList ranking: 7.56

Continuing with isekai protagonists taking unexpected roles, Being Raised By Villains is another prime example. It tells the story of Cha Miso, a girl who is unhappy with her neglectful family and dreams of living in her favorite novel as the main character. However, she becomes a side character who the villain claims is his daughter, leading to a rather unexpected family dynamic.

This manga is perfect for those who enjoy fantasy and romance, as well as a focus on characters who would be considered villains in any other setting. Sometimes, there is an unexpected side to them.

8. How To Survive As A Maid In A Horror Game 🌟

MyAnimeList ranking: 7.38

This isekai delves into the realm of murder mysteries. A mysterious man is behind the murders in the area, and no one knows his identity. However, a suspicious young woman who was transported into this horrific world believes that a successor to the Paltzgraf family, Adrian, is the one behind the murders.

Readers will surely experience a lot of tension as they follow a woman trapped in a horror game where she must survive while bringing the truth about the murders to light. This extremely difficult task will keep the story engaging.

7. Cleric Of Decay 🌟

MyAnimeList ranking: 7.30

Many video games include a variety of classes, granting players more opportunities for creativity. This was the case for Marnac in the game he played in this manga. Unfortunately, he gets pulled into the game and becomes one of the worst classes, the Cleric of Decay. Trapped in a game, he has to serve a weakened goddess while the mysterious prophecy of the end looms over the world.

This manga incorporates action into a fantasy setting, this time with a darker style as the protagonist takes on an outwardly evil class on his journey. The path he chooses from here on is largely up to him, making for an intriguing and engaging story.

6. Isekai de Haishin 🌟

MyAnimeList ranking: 7.28

Another interesting topic to explore in isekai is knowing something in a world that is bereft of it. The protagonist is reincarnated in Ataraxia, a fantasy realm with countless forms of entertainment. However, there is one thing that is alien to the people of this world: streaming. As the boy becomes the first streamer in this world, he also earns a name for himself.

This fascinating story shows two different worlds colliding as the protagonist uses the knowledge he gained from his previous life to his advantage. It also keeps a lighthearted tone, suiting readers who enjoy comedic stories.

5. Demon King Of The Royal Class 🌟

MyAnimeList ranking: 7.12

What if a writer were reincarnated in their own fictional world? This manga explores such an idea. The story focuses on a writer who dies while reading hate comments on his novel. Declared a sinner by the Grim Reaper, he is forcefully reincarnated in one of his novels and has to survive its ending to be absolved. To make matters worse, he possesses a character who can’t fight and is destined to die at the story’s start.

This manga is a good option for readers who enjoy isekai with more comedic or absurdist premises while constantly keeping up the tension. Get ready for a story with a lot of potential for both comedy and drama.

4. Beloved By The Male Lead’s Nephew 🌟

MyAnimeList ranking: 6.95

Another isekai manga focuses on a villainous character, but this time with a female protagonist. She is a character within a novel obsessed with the male hero, which leads her to meet a self-destructive end and get reborn. In her new life, she lived peacefully until her father called upon her for an important duty. This led to her meeting up with a child who turned out to be the nephew of her beloved male hero, causing her memories to resurface.

This manga delves into the romantic side of isekai and will be interesting for anyone who enjoys love stories, specifically those focusing on the “enemies to lovers” trope.

3. Life Of Quack Healer 🌟

MyAnimeList ranking: 6.93

Sometimes, one is tossed into a world and a role in which they are unprepared for. This happened to Songhyun Khan, who one day woke up in a fantasy world instead of Korea. Higher powers immediately assigned him a job: being the ‘healer.’ However, he quickly discovers that he cannot heal, putting him in a very difficult situation.

This manga focuses on the adventurous tale of the main protagonist, an unlicensed healer who has trouble doing the one job that was assigned to him. As a result, he inevitably has to think of creative and unorthodox solutions to his issue.

2. For A Fairytale Ending 🌟

MyAnimeList ranking: 6.78

How would it feel to be reincarnated in the body of an awful person and carry their sins for them? For a Fairytale Ending explores this idea in depth. It tells the story of Alice, a girl reborn in the body of a character from “The Tyrant’s Silver Flower,” a BL manga where her character abuses the male leads and would later get killed for it. She has to do her best to stop her crimes and save her victims, even if they distrust and hate her.

This manga is a great choice for those who enjoy “enemies to lovers” stories, as well as a focus on villainous characters with some romance and BL elements. The characters will have to go through many trials for their chance at a happy ending.

1. Golden Mage 🌟

MyAnimeList ranking: 6.54

Golden Mage is a story that deals with the injustices of life and seeking retribution for them. The protagonist is a lonely boy who had to spend his life repaying his parents’ debts and never experienced true joy. However, he gets a chance to be reborn as a mage and gain a new opportunity to acquire money and power.

This manga is a take on the rags-to-riches story, and it will intrigue anyone who wants to see a character’s transformation and journey towards success. The protagonist will have to use both his wit and magical powers to succeed in his new life.

These are just a few examples of the exciting isekai manga that debuted in 2023. Each one offers a unique take on the genre while diving into various themes such as family dynamics, unexpected roles, horror, comedy, and romance. Whether you prefer action-packed adventures, heartwarming family stories, or gripping murder mysteries, there is something for everyone in the world of isekai manga.

Now, let’s answer some additional questions you may have about isekai manga! 💡

Q&A about Isekai Manga

Q: What is isekai manga? A: Isekai manga refers to a subgenre of Japanese manga where the protagonist is transported or reincarnated into another world, often with fantastical elements. It usually involves characters from modern-day Japan being sent to a fantasy world or game-like universe.

Q: Why is isekai manga so popular? A: Isekai manga offers readers an escape from reality, allowing them to immerse themselves in a new world filled with adventure, magic, and unique challenges. The genre offers endless possibilities for character growth, exploration, and exciting storylines that capture the imagination.

Q: What are the common themes in isekai manga? A: While isekai manga can cover a wide range of themes, some common ones include power fantasy, hero’s journey, romance, comedy, and exploration of new worlds. Many isekai manga also focus on the development and growth of the protagonist as they navigate their new surroundings.

Q: Who are some popular isekai manga protagonists? A: Some popular isekai manga protagonists include Subaru Natsuki from Re:Zero, Kazuma Sato from KonoSuba, and Tanya Degurechaff from The Saga of Tanya the Evil. These characters bring their unique personalities and abilities into their new worlds, captivating readers with their journeys.

Q: Are there any isekai manga adaptations that became popular anime? A: Yes! Many isekai manga have been adapted into popular anime series. Some notable examples include Sword Art Online, That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime, and The Rising of the Shield Hero. These anime adaptations further boost the popularity of the isekai genre.

Q: Where can I read isekai manga? A: Isekai manga can be found on various online manga platforms such as MangaPlus, Crunchyroll Manga, and VIZ Media’s Shonen Jump. Additionally, you can also support the creators by purchasing physical copies of the manga from bookstores or through online retailers.

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