12 Space Combat Games That Will Blow Your Mind

Space combat enthusiasts can't go wrong with these sci-fi games.

10 Best Space Combat Sci-Fi Games

Unsurprisingly, space is one of the most common settings in science-fiction games, and it stands to reason that many of these games feature intense combat in their open-ended vacuum. Space combat in science-fiction games offers immersive and visually spectacular experiences, particularly when combined with simulation-heavy mechanics. Whether you’re a fan of aerial dogfights or strategic fleet command, there’s a space combat game out there that will blow your mind.

In this article, we’ll explore 12 space combat games that offer unique and thrilling gameplay experiences. From classic titles to modern indie gems, these games will take you on a thrilling journey through the cosmos. Strap yourself in and get ready for an adrenaline-pumping ride!

Nintendo’s Classic 3D Space Shooter: Star Fox 64 🚀

Star Fox 64 title art

Star Fox 64 is one of the most revered 3D space shooters of all time. This classic game, originally released for the Nintendo 64, offers tight controls, varied environments, and innovative aerial combat. Whether you’re battling in space or in the airspace of various planets, Star Fox 64’s intuitive controls make it a joy to play. It strikes the perfect balance between accessibility and a skill ceiling that rewards mastery.

An Immersive Old-School Space Sim: Freelancer ⭐

Edison Trent points a gun in Freelancer

Freelancer, the sequel to Starlancer, is an old-school space-flight simulation game with a strong focus on trading and space combat. Its easy-to-learn, hard-to-master combat system gradually introduces players to more complex mechanics and ship types. Navigating through combat encounters is a smooth and intuitive experience, thanks to Freelancer’s fluid movement controls and smooth camera. With an extensive modding scene, Freelancer offers endless possibilities and replay value.

Immersive Dogfighting In Space: Star Wars: Squadrons 🌌

A Star Destroyer in Star Wars: Squadrons

Star Wars: Squadrons brings the iconic space dogfights of the Star Wars franchise to life. This immersive game allows players to manage their ship’s power between weapons, thrusters, and shields, adding strategic depth to the combat. Prioritizing systems at the right time can be a game-changer. With the option to play in VR, Star Wars: Squadrons delivers an unparalleled sense of being in the cockpit of a starfighter.

A Slow-Burning Space Sim With Intense Combat: Elite Dangerous 🚀

Elite Dangerous space combat

Elite Dangerous may not have the most complex combat mechanics, but it more than makes up for it with its immersive cockpit experience. Flying a spaceship in Elite Dangerous feels tactile and immersive, creating a heightened sense of intensity during combat. Whether you’re facing off against a formidable opponent or dealing with the consequences of picking fights beyond your league, Elite Dangerous offers visceral and rewarding space combat.

A Classic Space Sim With An Arcade Feel: Freespace 2 ⚡

Freespace 2 - cockpit gameplay

Freespace 2 is a beloved space combat simulator that has stood the test of time since its release in 1999. This arcade-style shooter with simulation elements features immersive battles and a tight-knit community that continues to keep the game alive. Freespace 2 simulates various ship systems, adding depth to the gameplay. Commanding wingmen adds an extra layer of strategy, making every decision crucial in exhilarating space battles.

A Massively Multiplayer Space Battle Simulator: Infinity: Battlescape 🌟

Infinity: Battlescape gameplay

Prepare for breathtaking large-scale space battles in Infinity: Battlescape. This massively multiplayer space battle simulator takes place in a procedurally generated star system, offering unparalleled visual spectacle. Even when played alone, battles in Infinity: Battlescape are filled with AI fighters that get replaced by players as they join the battle. Strap yourself in for intense action in a stunning and expansive universe.

A Sandbox RPG With 3D Battles On A 2D Plane: Rebel Galaxy ⚔

Rebel Galaxy - gameplay

Rebel Galaxy combines sandbox RPG elements with 3D battles on a 2D plane, creating a unique combat experience. Inspired by the classic sci-fi RPG Freelancer and influenced by the swashbuckling atmosphere of Firefly, Rebel Galaxy’s combat focuses on broadside attacks and flanking maneuvers. Moving around combat arenas feels intuitive, rewarding strategic thinking over reflexes. Experience thrilling battles in a rich and immersive universe.

An Action-Packed Space Sim: House Of The Dying Sun 💥

House Of The Dying Sun gameplay

House Of The Dying Sun is an action-packed space-simulation game that features first-person space combat and tactical fleet-command mechanics. As a fleet commander, players will embark on an intense campaign through 14 scenarios, engaging in explosive battles. The game’s combination of high-octane action and tactical decision-making makes every moment thrilling and satisfying.

A Modern Classic About Managing A Crew: FTL: Faster Than Light 🌠

Ship overview showing intruders in FTL Faster Than Light

FTL: Faster Than Light is a modern classic indie game that challenges players to manage a crew and fight their way through a galaxy-spanning journey. This 2D rogue-like game puts players in control of a spaceship, where they must allocate power to different systems and strategically maneuver their crew. With real-time-with-pause gameplay, FTL offers a unique blend of tactical decision-making and fast-paced combat.

An Action RPG With Arcade Combat: EVERSPACE 2 🚀

EVERSPACE 2 gameplay

EVERSPACE 2 is a hyper-polished single-player action RPG that delivers fast-paced, explosive space combat. Its arcade-style combat, combined with an open world, mining and crafting mechanics, and a gripping narrative, offers an exhilarating experience. The game’s combat is highly customizable and easy to control, making it accessible to both newbies and seasoned players. Dive into a thrilling looter-shooter experience in the vastness of space.

A Deeply Tactical Simulation With A Steep Learning Curve: NEBULOUS: Fleet Command 🌌

Nebulous Fleet Command combat in asteroid field

NEBULOUS: Fleet Command is a tactical space simulation game that takes inspiration from science-fiction TV shows like The Expanse. This slow-paced strategy game requires precise maneuvering and planning, featuring short bursts of high-octane action. As the commander of a fleet, you’ll navigate 3D space, execute complex maneuvers, and outsmart your enemies. NEBULOUS: Fleet Command offers a deeply satisfying and strategic combat experience.

A Sci-Fi Roguelike Deckbuilder: Cobalt Core 🃏

Cobalt Core gameplay

Cobalt Core is a colorful sci-fi roguelike deckbuilder that offers tactical combat and a brilliant 2D pixel-art style. Managing a deck of cards representing the actions of your crew members, you’ll engage in strategic battles, lining up the perfect shot while dodging enemy fire. The game’s combination of tactical decision-making and addictive deckbuilding mechanics creates an exciting and rewarding space combat experience.

Additional Q&A Content:

Q: Are these games available on all platforms? A: The availability of these games varies across platforms. Some are exclusive to specific consoles, while others are available on multiple platforms. Make sure to check each game’s official website or the respective online stores for platform availability.

Q: Can I play these games in virtual reality (VR)? A: Yes, some of these games, such as Star Wars: Squadrons and House Of The Dying Sun, offer virtual reality (VR) support, enhancing the immersive experience. Check the game’s descriptions or official websites for VR compatibility information.

Q: Are these games single-player or multiplayer? A: The games on this list offer a mix of single-player and multiplayer experiences. Some games focus on a single-player campaign, while others prioritize multiplayer battles. Explore each game’s features to find the multiplayer options that suit your playstyle.

Q: Are there any mods available for these games? A: Yes, several of these games, like Elite Dangerous and Freelancer, have active modding communities. Mods can bring new content, enhance graphics, and introduce exciting gameplay changes. Check online modding communities and forums dedicated to each game for the latest mods and enhancements.


Space combat games offer thrilling and immersive experiences that transport players to the far reaches of the cosmos. From classic titles like Star Fox 64 to modern indie gems like Cobalt Core, these games provide a range of gameplay styles, from intuitive and accessible controls to deep tactical decision-making.

Now that you have this stellar list at your disposal, it’s time to embark on an intergalactic adventure. Choose a game that suits your playstyle, buckle up, and get ready to engage in epic battles that will leave you breathless. The stars await your command!

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