17 Anime Similar to 86 Eighty-Six

17 Anime Similar to 86 Eighty-Six

The Anime World: A Vast and Exciting Space

Welcome, fellow anime enthusiasts, to the vast and thrilling world of anime! Filled to the brim with hundreds of series spanning every genre imaginable, this realm is a paradise for both casual viewers and die-hard fans. Today, we shine a spotlight on A-1 Pictures, a renowned animation studio that has been shaping the anime landscape since 2006. Best known for bringing to life the Sword Art Online light novel series, they have captured the hearts of viewers worldwide. But that’s not all! A-1 Pictures has enchanted us with numerous captivating series, including the ongoing hit, “86 Eighty-Six,” which premiered in April 2021.

The Epic Conflict of ‘86 Eighty-Six’

Step into a war-torn world where the Republic of San Magnolia and the Empire of Giad have been locked in a bitter struggle for nine long years. Initially, the Empire held the upper hand with their mighty mechs, leaving San Magnolia in a dire predicament. However, everything changed when San Magnolia developed their own machines known as Juggernaughts. Piloted by members of the Colorata minority, who are unjustly considered subhuman, these incredible robots have turned the tide of battle. With its riveting storyline and compelling characters, “86 Eighty-Six” has won the hearts of many viewers.

More Thrilling Anime to Explore

If you find yourself captivated by the world of “86 Eighty-Six” and hunger for more immersive experiences, fear not! We have curated an exciting list of similar anime series to satiate your appetite for thrilling storytelling, breathtaking action, and unforgettable adventures. Let’s explore the vibrant offerings that await you.

17. God Eater

God Eater

Prepare yourself for a post-apocalyptic journey set in the year 2071. “God Eater” transports you to a world where humanity struggles for survival against monstrous creatures known as Aragami. These insatiable beasts have decimated humanity, their near-invincibility rendering conventional weapons useless. But fear not! Our valiant heroes, the God Eaters, rise to the challenge. Armed with powerful weapons called God Arcs, they epitomize mankind’s unwavering spirit and determination. Join them in their epic battles, and prepare for heart-pounding action like you’ve never seen before.

16. Gurren Lagann

Gurren Lagann

Behold the timeless charm of “Gurren Lagann”! This incredible series takes you to a future where Earth’s surface is ruled by the tyrannical Spiral King, forcing humanity to live underground. Follow the exploits of Simon, a digger longing to escape the subterranean life, along with the spirited Kamina and the fierce Yoko Litner. What sets “Gurren Lagann” apart is its awe-inspiring mech, which grows larger and more powerful with every battle it fights. Brace yourself for an epic clash against the Antispiral, a foe capable of shattering entire universes. With its vibrant animation and thrilling action, this series is undoubtedly a treat for any anime aficionado.

15. Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch from Mercury

Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch from Mercury

Welcome to the world of “Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch from Mercury”! In a timeline marred by conflict between Earthians and Spacians, economic inequality reigns supreme. Enter Suletta Mercury, a student at the Asticassia School of Technology, run by the corrupt Benerit Group. In this gripping tale, Gundams, the pinnacle of mechanical prowess, are banned due to the danger they pose to their pilots. However, this doesn’t deter Aerial from transforming into a prized mobile suit. As in “86 Eighty-Six,” this thought-provoking series delves into themes of the consequences of unchecked technological advancements and the perils of capitalism.

14. Valkyria Chronicles

Valkyria Chronicles

Prepare for a tactical military-themed RPG experience like no other. “Valkyria Chronicles” takes you on a captivating journey where Welkin, the son of a war hero, joins a dedicated group of Gallian citizens to form a militia. Their noble objective: Shield their beloved country from an invading Empire. While the setting may differ from “86 Eighty-Six,” both series beautifully depict the lives of military units striving amidst the chaos of war. Laughter, tears, and adrenaline-pumping combat intertwine to create a sublime balance of comedy, drama, and action.

13. Deca-Dence


Heed the call of “Deca-Dence,” a thrilling Sci-fi action series set more than 400 years into the future. Humanity, devastated by severe air pollution and monstrous Gadoll attacks, teeters on the edge of extinction. Amidst this tumultuous backdrop, the Deca-dence, a mobile fortress city, becomes the last bastion of hope. Separating its inhabitants into two factions, the Tankers and the Gears, the city strives to repel the Gadoll menace. Embark on an adventure with Natsume, a Tanker determined to become a Gear and defend the remnants of humanity. With its gripping narrative, this series aligns with the spirit of “86 Eighty-Six” while exploring its own unique path.

Sparking Joy with Extraordinary Experiences

The journey through our meticulously curated list doesn’t stop here! Brace yourself for even more exhilarating anime series that will have you glued to your screen. Prepare for mesmerizing storytelling, remarkable character development, and breathtaking animation that will leave you craving for more. So, grab your popcorn, buckle up, and get ready for an anime extravaganza!

12. Gunparade March

Gunparade March

Rifles blazing and spirits high, the 12-episode series “Gunparade March” welcomes you to a world where humanity must unite against an extraterrestrial threat. After the end of World War II, Earth falls under attack by an aggressive alien race known as the Phantom Beasts. For half a century, humanity wages relentless warfare to protect their home. Witness the journey of a group of spirited high school students drafted into military service. Tasked with piloting formidable humanoid mechs called HWTs, they boldly engage the alien menace. Expect a mix of heartwarming romance, lighthearted comedy, and intense action that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

11. WorldEnd


“WorldEnd” gracefully combines heart-wrenching drama and exhilarating Sci-fi elements in a mere 12 episodes. Enter a world where humanity narrowly escaped extinction, surviving on floating islands after a devastating cataclysm caused by fearsome creatures called the “Beasts.” Meet Willem, a seasoned warrior who once fought against these beings when they first appeared. After 500 years of cryogenic slumber, he becomes the guardian and mentor of the Leprachauns, young girls possessing the power to wield the only weapons capable of repelling the Beasts. Dive into a tale that explores the bonds of family, tinged with a sense of melancholy that deeply resonates with “86 Eighty-Six” fans.

10. Aldnoah.Zero


Gear up for an enthralling mecha series with “Aldnoah.Zero,” a 24-episode adventure that will leave you craving for more. Set in a world shaped by the discovery of a hypergate on the moon, colonization of Mars ensues, giving rise to the Vers Empire. The two planets find themselves embroiled in a fierce conflict, with advanced technology known as Aldnoah at their disposal. However, a peace treaty crumbles when the Terran faction is suspected of assassinating the Vers princess. Both visually stunning and politically charged, this epic series touches upon themes of war, discrimination, and the consequences of unchecked power.

9. Code Geass

Code Geass

“Code Geass” stands as a shining gem among anime from the 2000s, captivating audiences with its masterful storytelling and gripping character arcs. Enter the tumultuous world of Lelouch vi Britannian, an exiled prince who forms a pact with a mysterious girl named C.C. Armed with the power of Geass, a mind-controlling ability, Lelouch assumes the identity of Zero. Leading the Japanese resistance movement, he wages a brutal war against Britannia to avenge his mother’s death. Brace yourself for an intricate tale of twisted loyalties, thrilling tactics, and the blurred lines between heroism and villainy.

8. Psycho-Pass


Indulge in the dark and compelling world of “Psycho-Pass,” a gripping series that dives deep into the human psyche. Set in a dystopian version of Japan in the 22nd century, society is governed by the Sibyl System, a highly advanced computer network capable of identifying a person’s criminal tendencies. Follow the journey of Akane Tsunemori, a young inspector who dares to question the flawed system. What ensues is a battle against social injustice, as she strives to mend the cracks in a society teetering on the edge. In a world where individuals become mere pawns, both “Psycho-Pass” and “86 Eighty-Six” shine a light on the resilience of the human spirit.

7. Violet Evergarden

Violet Evergarden

Uncover the beauty of human emotions and the power of healing with the enchanting series known as “Violet Evergarden.” While vastly different from “86 Eighty-Six,” this masterpiece touches the heart in similarly profound ways. Following Violet, a former soldier haunted by the scars of war, this breathtaking series unravels her journey toward self-discovery and understanding. As a memory doll, Violet embraces her role as a ghostwriter, penning heartfelt letters for those unable to express their emotions. With its exquisite animation and emotionally resonant storytelling, “Violet Evergarden” is a soul-stirring experience that transcends its boundaries.

6. Cross Ange: Rondo of Angel and Dragon

Cross Ange: Rondo of Angel and Dragon

Embrace a tale filled with twists, turns, and a captivating blend of fantasy and Sci-fi in “Cross Ange: Rondo of Angel and Dragon.” Princess Angelise Ikaruga Misurugi, unable to harness the advanced technology known as “Mana,” faces a cruel fate, exiled from her royal life on her 16th birthday. Forced into military service, Angelise fights terrifying interdimensional creatures known as DRAGONs while piloting massive mechs. As conspiracy unravels before her, she must confront her own destiny while forging new connections. With its impressive animation and thrilling storyline, “Cross Ange” will leave you breathless.

5. Akame Ga Kill!

Akame Ga Kill!

Prepare for a gripping tale of rebellion and justice in the dark fantasy world of “Akame Ga Kill!” While sharing an in-depth narrative and compelling backstories reminiscent of “86 Eighty-Six,” this series takes a darker turn with its visceral violence. Follow Tatsumi as he ventures into the capital to earn money for his impoverished village, only to uncover the ruthless corruption of the empire. Joining Night Raid, an assassination and reconnaissance group fighting for a better future, Tatsumi plunges into a world filled with treachery, tragedy, and shocking twists at every turn.

4. Darling in the FranXX

Darling in the FranXX

Fasten your seatbelts for a thrilling mecha series fueled by passion, romance, and intense battles. Welcome to “Darling in the FranXX,” where children pilot colossal robots called Franxx to protect humanity from menacing adversaries. In a world fraught with discrimination, our heroes rise against their oppressors, showcasing the indomitable human spirit. Like “86 Eighty-Six,” both series feature a group of disadvantaged individuals uniting to fight for a world that shunned them. With its captivating storyline and mesmerizing animation, “Darling in the FranXX” will leave you craving more.

3. Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan

Prepare yourself for an epic story of survival and resilience in “Attack on Titan,” a series that has left an indelible mark on the world of anime. Journey into a realm where humanity clings to existence behind colossal walls, shielding them from the terrifying Titans. Enter Eren Yeager, driven by an unquenchable thirst for revenge against these monstrous beings. As the narrative unfolds, prepare for mind-bending twists, intricate character arcs, and a visceral exploration of themes such as war and discrimination. Though seemingly different from “86 Eighty-Six,” both series tackle powerful, mature themes with unyielding intensity.

2. Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans

Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans

Dive into the captivating realm of “Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans,” a dazzling addition to the esteemed Gundam franchise. Immerse yourself in the lives of juvenile soldiers who form their own security company on a terraformed Mars. Battling adversity and pitted against formidable enemies, they pilot colossal humanoid machines called Mobile Suits. Like “86 Eighty-Six,” this enthralling series delves into the lives of a marginalized group, forced to fight for those who cast them aside. Brace yourself for an emotional rollercoaster that explores themes of sacrifice, loyalty, and determination.

1. Mobile Suit Gundam SEED

Mobile Suit Gundam SEED

Embark on a grand adventure with “Mobile Suit Gundam SEED,” a celestial voyage set in the Cosmic Era. Here, natural humans of Earth and genetically engineered humans of space find themselves locked in a bitter struggle. Witness the remarkable journey of Kira Yamato, an ordinary teenager thrust into the heart of conflict as ZAFT launches a relentless assault on a neutral colony. Discovering his own extraordinary abilities, Kira fights both on the battlefield and within himself. With its stunning animation and mature themes, “Gundam SEED” remains a beloved entry in the Gundam franchise.

Prepare for a Riveting Anime Marathon!

There you have it, fellow anime enthusiasts! A tantalizing assortment of extraordinary anime series awaits your discerning gaze. Whether you’re a fan of gripping Sci-fi sagas, intense mecha battles, or emotionally charged narratives, these handpicked recommendations are sure to keep you entertained for countless hours. So kick back, grab your favorite snacks, and get ready for a breathtaking anime extravaganza that will transport you to realms beyond imagination. Happy watching, and may your anime adventures be filled with joy and laughter!

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