22 lawmakers urge FTC to support Microsoft’s Activision Blizzard deal

22 lawmakers urge FTC to support Microsoft's Activision Blizzard deal

US Lawmakers Rally Behind Microsoft’s Epic Gaming Acquisition


In a surprising twist of events, up to 22 Republican members of the House of Representatives are urging the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to drop its opposition to Microsoft’s acquisition of gaming juggernaut, Activision Blizzard. In a letter sent to FTC Chair Lina Khan and commissioners Rebecca Slaughter and Alvaro Bedoya, these lawmakers called for a return to “sensible, consumer-oriented antitrust enforcement” and dismissed the FTC’s recent actions as “GameTopicoring decades of settled FTC practice.” They argued that Microsoft’s acquisition would expand consumer choice and protect a dominant force in the gaming industry from competition.

The FTC’s opposition to the Microsoft-Activision Blizzard deal has been a major roadblock thus far. Last December, the FTC sued to block the acquisition, citing concerns about potential anti-competitive behavior. Although Microsoft emerged victorious in a preliminary injunction ruling, the FTC promptly filed an appeal, which was subsequently blocked by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. Undeterred, the FTC has scheduled an evidentiary hearing before an Administrative Law judge for August 2.

Meanwhile, Microsoft’s acquisition has already garnered approval from regulatory bodies in several countries, including Turkey, China, Ukraine, and the European Union. The UK’s Competition and Markets Authority, although initially rejecting the deal in April, has engaged in talks with Microsoft to address its concerns regarding the impact on cloud gaming.

Despite these international nods of approval, the acquisition is far from a done deal. Microsoft still needs the FTC’s green light before it can proceed with its potentially industry-shaking buyout. While setbacks have occurred, a significant number of US lawmakers are rallying behind the acquisition or urging the FTC to grant the necessary approval.

It remains to be seen whether Microsoft will ultimately emerge victorious and reshape the gaming landscape. As gaming enthusiasts eagerly await the outcome, this high-stakes battle between industry giants continues to captivate the gaming world.

Source: GameTopic (via US House of Representatives)