Activision copyright strikes hint at Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 title

Activision copyright strikes hint at Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 title

Modern Warfare 3: Call of Duty’s Epic Next Installment

Prepare for the adrenaline-pumping action of Call of Duty’s upcoming game, Modern Warfare 3! Leakers have been buzzing with excitement, sharing DMCA take down notices that revealed the game’s official title. It’s about to get real!

Although Activision has yet to make an official announcement, the leaked images confirm that the next game in the Call of Duty series is none other than the highly anticipated Modern Warfare 3. The DMCA strikes specifically refer to “leaked content from unreleased video game Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.” The leaks are flooding the internet!

Rumors suggest that these leaks originate from a limited alpha play test, which according to COD News & Leaks on Twitter, was codenamed “Hailström.” It seems that the secret is out, and fans are going wild with anticipation.

Now, anyone who’s been paying attention won’t be surprised by the title. Earlier this year, a report surfaced, revealing that the 2023 Call of Duty game would be a sequel to Modern Warfare 2. Brace yourself for a “fully-fledged sequel” that promises to deliver all the heart-pounding action and excitement we’ve come to expect from the franchise.

Sledgehammer Games, the masterminds behind Vanguard, will take the lead on development, with support from Activision’s legion of Call of Duty studios. They’re cooking up something special that will leave players craving for more. Get ready for an epic experience!

Modern Warfare 3 aims to bring the whole package, including an intense main campaign, an electrifying multiplayer mode, and the return of everyone’s favorite undead adversaries in zombies. Prepare for an outbreak like no other. And here’s the best part – rumors hint that this Outbreak 2.0 may even be free-to-play. Talk about a treat for all the zombie hunters out there!

But wait, there’s more. Leaks also suggest that scrapped content from Vanguard will make its grand entrance in Modern Warfare 3. You won’t know what hit you when this release drops in November. And if that’s not enough, brace yourselves for the resurrection of two classic maps from the original Modern Warfare 2 – Terminal and Scrapyard. Get ready for a nostalgic trip down memory lane combined with cutting-edge gameplay.

Now, I know you’re raring for even more juicy details, and fear not, Activision will be sharing more information next month. Get those calendars marked, folks! The anticipation is hitting fever pitch!

Back in February, Bloomberg’s very own Jason Schreier shared some intriguing insights. Originally planned as a “premium expansion,” the game has “morphed” into its own full-fledged masterpiece. Brace yourself for a continuation of the iconic Modern Warfare 2 story and the seamless integration of Modern Warfare 2 content. It’s going to be an absolute blast!

And guess what? It seems that players’ content from Modern Warfare 2 will indeed carry over to the new game. The official Call of Duty account practically spilled the beans by asking, “Should [Modern Warfare 2] Operators, Weapons, and Bundles carry forward into Call of Duty 2023?” Their options: “Yes” or “Yes, when is reveal?” What a no-brainer! Keep your eyes peeled for the reveal date.

As we eagerly await more news, exciting revelations continue to pour in. Actor and singer Luke Charles Stafford spilled the beans on Facebook about his involvement in the upcoming Call of Duty. He claimed his likeness would be used for the game’s next main character, set to release “next year.” Talk about being immortalized in a gaming legend! Friends and foes alike can look forward to battling it out in the virtual world as Stafford’s character. Take that, college roommates!

Stay tuned for more updates on this epic gaming saga. In the meantime, we’ve reached out to Activision for further comment on these mind-blowing revelations. Let the countdown to Modern Warfare 3 begin!