Amnesia: The Bunker – Shellshocked Review

Amnesia: The Bunker - Shellshocked Review

Amnesia: The Bunker – Frictional’s Scariest Game Yet!

Out of the frying pan…

Welcome to the world of Amnesia: The Bunker, a game that combines the best elements of classic Amnesia gameplay with new and terrifying twists. Frictional Games has once again crafted a horror experience that will leave you trembling in fear.

In this installment, you play as Henri Clement, a French soldier who wakes up in a dark and eerie bunker during World War I. As you explore, you’ll piece together the story through scattered notes, uncovering a tale that connects to other games in the series. But even if you’re new to the Amnesia universe, The Bunker stands on its own as a bone-chilling horror story of a man trapped in a maze with a relentless monster.

…and into the fire.

What sets The Bunker apart is its unpredictability. Each playthrough brings unique elements and challenges, ensuring that no two experiences are the same. From the location of important items like a wrench or a lighter to the ever-changing locker codes, you’ll never know what you’ll find in your journey through the bunker. This adds a refreshing level of replayability, making every playthrough a thrilling and nail-biting experience.

The real heart-pounding terror comes from the unscripted monster that lurks throughout the bunker. It stays hidden until you make a mistake, adding an extra layer of fear to every encounter. To survive, you must keep the generator running, move quietly to avoid alerting the creature, and stay healthy amidst the creepy corridors infested with hungry rats. The monster is a relentless enforcer, ensuring you’re always on your toes and making the right choices.

I absolutely love how all these systems interact with each other. With limited inventory space, you’ll find yourself carefully managing your resources. Every decision counts: Do you take the watch to monitor your fuel levels or the healing items to withstand the rat bites? Do you create a diversion with an empty bottle or save it for refueling the generator? Every choice has its consequences, and each playthrough becomes a thoughtful exercise in survival.

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I was initially concerned that the plain hallways of the bunker would become monotonous, but the game surprised me with its clever level design. Shortcuts, hiding spots, and tools are hidden throughout, making even the most mundane corridors feel exciting. The game is meticulously built, with no wasted space and every room serving a purpose.

As for the scares, Amnesia: The Bunker delivers in spades. Whether you’re hiding under a bed or running for your life, the feeling of being chased is utterly unnerving. The first-person perspective in pitch-black hallways, combined with inhuman snarls growing closer, will have your heart racing. Each escape back to the safe room is a victory, leaving you breathless and filled with adrenaline. This game reminded me why I fell in love with horror games in the first place.

The audio design in The Bunker is exceptional. Playing with headphones is a must, as every creak, footstep, and breath adds to the atmospheric terror. The sound effects are so well done that even the simplest actions, like cranking a flashlight, can give away your position to the lurking monster. The game’s world envelops you completely, immersing you in its haunting atmosphere.

While The Bunker borrows some mechanics from other horror games, such as the roaming monster reminiscent of Alien: Isolation, it builds upon them with its own unique twists. The variable elements, captivating setting, and engaging inventory management make The Bunker stand out among the horror game crowd.

With plenty of reasons to replay and a tense, player-driven experience, Amnesia: The Bunker proves that Frictional Games is still at the top of their game. This is by far their scariest release since the original Amnesia: The Dark Descent. In a year filled with impressive horror titles, The Bunker stands tall as the most terrifying game of 2023. So grab your courage, turn off the lights, and prepare for an unforgettable descent into fear.