Amouranth drops from second place as top female Twitch streamer.

Amouranth drops from second place as top female Twitch streamer.

Watch Out, Amouranth: AriGameplays Takes Second Place on Twitch!

Move over, Amouranth! There’s a new contender on the Twitch scene, and her name is AriGameplays. This Mexican variety streamer has skyrocketed to the second spot on the list of most popular female Twitch streamers, putting Amouranth on notice.

Now, let’s talk about Amouranth. This unstoppable force from Texas has made quite a name for herself on Twitch, despite facing numerous bans and controversies. She’s always staying ahead of the game, whether it’s through gaming streams, hot tub antics, or just some good old-fashioned randomness. It’s no wonder she’s made millions and even dabbled in business ownership, with plans for her own animal sanctuary in the future. For a while, she held the second-place position, nipping at the heels of Canadian influencer Pokimane.

But wait, there’s more! AriGameplays, or Abril Abdamari Garza Alonso as she’s known off-stream, has snatched that coveted second place from Amouranth. Hailing from Monterrey, Mexico, AriGameplays is a versatile streamer who dives into a variety of popular games. She also spends a fair amount of time in the “Just Chatting” category, tackling internet challenges and keeping her audience entertained. And just like Amouranth, she’s not afraid to flaunt her physique on social media. Both streamers have had their fair share of suspensions for risqué content, and both are happily married—though Ari’s been more open about her personal life.

But let’s give credit where credit is due. AriGameplays has put in the hard work, gaining a massive increase in followers and securing her place on the leaderboard. Last month’s Twitch analytics revealed she has 6.4 million followers, just shy of Pokimane’s staggering 9.3 million and ahead of Amouranth’s 6 million. Impressive, right?

Now, we can’t predict the future, but I have a feeling this isn’t the end of the story. While there’s no animosity between these three streamers (that we know of), let’s not forget that Amouranth has surpassed Pokimane as the top female streamer in previous years. She’s got the potential to reclaim her throne or even reach new heights. But don’t underestimate AriGameplays either—her strong work ethic might just give her rivals a run for their money. The battle for the top spot is on, and only time will reveal the ultimate victor.

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