Apex Legends Bug creates 8-Man Squad in Trios

Apex Legends Bug creates 8-Man Squad in Trios

Eight-Man Squad Bug Adds Some Extra Chaos to Apex Legends

Apex Legends, the popular battle royale game developed by Respawn Entertainment, is no stranger to glitches and bugs. From misplaced character abilities to unexpected server crashes, players have seen it all. But in a recent round of Trios, one player stumbled upon a bug that took things to a whole new level – an eight-man squad!

Now, picture this: you’re playing a regular game of Apex Legends, minding your own business, when suddenly, the lobby is invaded by a team of eight players. That’s right, eight! In a mode specifically designed for squads of three, facing off against a group twice the size is not only surprising but downright intimidating.

Reddit user CTDThirteen captured the shocking moment and shared a screenshot with the Apex Legends community. The image showed an enemy team on the Broken Moon map, and on the left side of the screen, not one, not two, but eight player icons were displayed. The sheer number of icons was so overwhelming that it even covered up the round timer. CTDThirteen couldn’t help but exclaim, “I encountered an 8 men squad on a normal game of trios!”

As you can imagine, this mind-boggling glitch has caught the attention of the Apex Legends community. The Reddit post showcasing the screenshot has garnered over 1.8K upvotes, with players eagerly discussing this unusual encounter. Speculations flew left and right, with players questioning whether it was an old bug that resurfaced or a case of cheating. While the exact cause is still unknown, the consensus seems to lean towards it being a glitch that reared its head again in Season 17.

What about the poor souls left to face this gargantuan squad? As the screenshot revealed, only two squads remained in the lobby, meaning a team of two was pit against the almighty eight. A moment of silence for those valiant warriors!

The impact of this bug on the gameplay cannot be understated. Apex Legends is all about teamwork and coordination, with each Legend’s unique abilities playing a crucial role. Having more characters on a team opens up a world of possibilities for strategy and combos. And let’s not forget, going up against eight players in a gunfight is practically a death sentence for the opposition.

The burning question now is whether this bug will rear its head again in future matches. If it does, Respawn Entertainment will undoubtedly face the challenge of patching it up. Let’s hope this glitch remains a rare occurrence, so it doesn’t disrupt the competitive integrity of this beloved battle royale.

In the meantime, grab your squad of three, hop into Apex Legends, and join the chaos – just remember to watch out for any unexpected extras along the way!

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