Baldur’s Gate 3: Defeating Minthara and Dror Ragzlin Guide

Baldur's Gate 3: Defeating Minthara and Dror Ragzlin Guide

Inside the Goblin’s Camp in Baldur’s Gate 3 lies two enemies with some seriously awesome stuff: Minthara and Dror Ragzlin. These guys are tougher than your average goblin, so get ready to bring your A-game and your best loot-hunting skills!

Your first step is breaking into the Goblin Camp, which can be done either by charging in like a maniac or sneaking in like a master thief. Whichever route you choose, just remember that Minthara and Dror require some extra strategy and finesse compared to the regular goblins you’re used to. So, gather your strongest party members and put on your thinking cap!

Fight Preparation: Recruiting Halsin

Before you take on Minthara and Dror Ragzlin, make sure to recruit Halsin. You can find him in the far back left room of the Goblin Camp’s temple, right in the prisons. Help him escape, convince him to join your team, and you’ll have a total party of five instead of four. With Halsin by your side, you can march out and start taking down those goblin rangers.

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How To Defeat Minthara

Minthara is no pushover, so be prepared for a tough fight. She’s located in the room to the right of the great double doors leading to Dror Ragzlin. It’s best to take her on first to avoid any accidental complications.

Before you engage Minthara, take out the scrying eye and the patrolling goblin in the room. Then, position a rogue or a ranged character on the right side of the room and place Halsin and another tanky character at the end of the bridge. This will create a chokepoint where you can take down Minthara without her reaching your ranged characters.

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Once you’re ready, shoot Minthara’s minion, Rozzak, with one of your characters behind Halsin. With Rozzak out of the way, Minthara will rush forward, but your high AC characters will block her path. Team up with all your characters to overwhelm her, and she’ll be history before you know it!

Rewards For Defeating Minthara

Defeating Minthara will reward you with her magical mace and her exquisite Spidersilk Armor, which provides bonuses to Stealth and Constitution saving throws. It’s time to add some shiny new items to your collection!

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How To Defeat Dror Ragzlin

Now it’s time to deal with Dror Ragzlin, but be warned, he’s no solo act. He’s accompanied by a group of enemies in his room, including rangers and goblin minions. Having Halsin on your side will definitely give you an advantage in this fight.

To start the battle, split your party into two groups: Halsin and a spellcaster in one group, and a rogue and another ranged character in the other group. Position your rogue at the locked door on the right and unlock it to enter the room.

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As you enter, Dror will be busy giving a speech. Leave Halsin at the door and send the spellcaster up the stairs for a good vantage point. Leave the rogue at the door and send the other character up the stairs to a parallel position.

When you’re ready, use your rogue’s Sneak Attack to eliminate the weakest enemies from a safe distance. Once combat starts, focus your spellcasters’ fire on the enemies closest to the doors, while using Halsin and any other tanks to draw enemy attention away from your squishier characters.

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Once the smaller enemies are dealt with, it’s time to focus on Dror Ragzlin himself. His low AC makes him an easy target for ranged attacks, so let loose with everything you’ve got. Use Halsin as a sturdy shield to absorb Dror’s hits while the rest of your party pounds him into oblivion. Spells like Bane, Hex, or Grease can also help debilitate Dror and tip the odds in your favor.

Rewards For Defeating Dror Ragzlin

After defeating Dror Ragzlin, you can claim his powerful weapon, Faithbreaker, and gain access to his treasure room. Use the key you obtained from Dror to open the room, and you’ll find a stash of gold, the Helmet of Grit, Springstep Boots, and the Amulet of Selune’s Chosen. It’s a treasure trove worth fighting for!

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With your hard-earned loot in hand, return to the Druid’s Grove with Halsin (and after dealing with Priestess Gut) and celebrate your victory. You’ve not only saved the day but also gained some incredible rewards. It’s time to party!

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