Baldur’s Gate 3: Ultimate Ranger Build

Baldur's Gate 3: Ultimate Ranger Build

The Ultimate Beast Master Ranger Build in Baldur’s Gate 3

Best Ranger Build

Rangers in Baldur’s Gate 3 have three distinct builds, but in the Early Access version, players can only access two: Hunter and Beast Master. While a Ranger can deal higher damage against specific targets, having more party members with a range of abilities is far more beneficial. That’s why most players are opting for the Beast Master build, at least until the full game is released.

Beast Master Rangers have an incredible skill called Summon Companion. It allows them to control a powerful Bear, providing excellent support in combat while the Ranger rains arrows from a safe distance. To put it simply, having a full-strength extra companion like a Bear in your party is a game-changer.

“Beast Masters bind themselves to an animal companion, sharing an intelligent bond that flourishes in and out of combat.”

The Beast Master Ranger is a hybrid ranged support and melee bruiser. With the Summon Companion ability, they can deal tons of damage and control enemy attacks. Sending in the Bear to distract melee enemies while the Ranger rains arrows from afar is a foolproof strategy for success.

Create Your Perfect Beast Master Ranger

Beast Master Ranger

Best Ranger Race: Forest Gnome or Wood Elf

For the ultimate Beast Master Ranger, the Forest Gnome race is unbeatable. Their ability to Talk With Animals for free is invaluable for communicating with your companion and other animals in the game. Plus, their Gnome Cunning passive gives you an advantage on saving throws. Alternatively, the Wood Elf is a great choice with their long movement distance, Stealth proficiency, and other useful traits.

Best Ranger Favoured Enemy: Bounty Hunter

The choice of Favored Enemy is crucial for Beast Master Rangers, and in Early Access, the Bounty Hunter stands out. By ensnaring an enemy, you can make them writhe in agony, leaving them unable to move. This pairs perfectly with your Bear companion, who can finish off the immobilized foes.

Best Natural Explorer Trait: Beast Tamer

The Natural Explorer traits have also been altered from the tabletop version. Among the three variations available, choose Beast Tamer for the Find Familiar ability. While the summons from Find Familiar are not as strong, they provide utility by inflicting status effects or distracting enemies. A Raven or a Cat can be particularly useful in combat.

Best Ranger Subclass: Beast Master

At Level 3, you can choose your Ranger subclass, and the Beast Master is the clear winner. While Hunters can deal more damage against specific enemies, Beast Masters offer versatility and valuable support to the whole party through their companion and Ranger spells.

Best Ranger Proficiencies and Background: Folk Hero

As for proficiencies and background, choosing the Folk Hero background grants proficiency in Animal Handling and Survival, both essential skills for a Ranger. Prioritize picking up Perception, and other skills like Nature, Investigation, and Insight can be incredibly useful in roleplaying situations and opening up new dialogue choices.

Best Beast Master Fighting Style: Archery

Among the four available Fighting Styles, Archery is the most valuable for the Beast Master build. This style ensures that your ranged shots hit consistently while your Bear companion keeps melee enemies occupied.

Best Beast Master Spells

  • Level 2: Ensnaring Strike, Cure Wounds (replace with Speak with Animals if not playing a Forest Gnome)
  • Level 3: Hunter’s Mark
  • Level 4: Jump
  • Level 5: Spike Growth, Silence (replace Jump)

Best Companions for a Beast Master Ranger

While there are various companion animals to choose from, the Bear is the standout option for a Beast Master Ranger. With its high HP, abilities like Goading Roar (Taunt), and Cleave damage with its Claws, the Bear provides the best utility and support for a ranged-focused Beast Master Ranger.

Baldur’s Gate 3 is currently available in Early Access, with the full PC release on August 3, 2023. The PlayStation 5 version will be released on September 6, 2023, and an Xbox Series X/S version is also in development.