Best Boons for Every Weapon in Hades

Best Boons for Every Weapon in Hades

Hades: A Hellish Adventure!


With Supergiant’s bombastic game Hades being hailed and basically iconified as one of the most recognizable roguelike games, fans couldn’t be more excited for its sequel to come out. The game has been selling extremely well since it left early access and new people are constantly discovering it and subsequently falling in love. In Hades, players take the role of Zagreus, Prince of the Underworld, as he desperately tries to escape it and see the outside world while also learning about himself, his family, and the people around him.

But enough chit-chat, let’s dive into the exciting world of Hades weapons!

The Stygian Blade: Be a Stylish Slayer!

Stygian Blade

Zagreus’ main weapon is up first and it’s known as Stygius, the Stygian Blade. It’s what players are forced to use in the tutorial run of this isometric roguelike icon, and it’s about as basic as it gets. This Infernal Blade has a medium attack range, medium damage, and the most basic strikes in Hades.

To maximize the potential of Stygius, players generally want to focus on Boons that beef up the raw damage of the Special and the attack speed. After all, it’s all about inflicting those sweet status effects like Jolted, Chill, or Hangover. No one likes a sluggish blade, so make sure to pick Boons that boost the Special, Dash Strike, or increase attack speed.

Name Aspect Overview Recommendations What To Avoid Boon Recommendation Reasoning
Aspect of Zagreus The ‘cover weapon’ of Hades, the Aspect of Zagreus is typically built around its Special and Dash Strike. Crystal Beam, True Shot, Divine Dash, Urge to Kill, Support Fire, Greater Haste, Quick Recovery, Greater Evasion, Greatest Reflex Poseidon Boons that push foes away The standard Attack combo is just too slow compared to other Aspects, so most players end up picking Boons that buff the Special, Dash Strike, or increase attack speed.
Aspect of Nemesis The namesake weapon of one of the most memorable characters in the Hades 2 trailer. Deadly Strike, Deadly Flourish, True Shot, Crystal Beam, Hunter Dash, Divine Dash, Pressure Points, Hide Breaker, Clean Kill Poseidon Boons that push foes away Very similar builds to Aspect of Zagreus, but Artemis Boons are much more highly sought after. Any Boon that has the word ‘critical’ in it is usually a must-have.
Aspect of Poseidon Very different Aspect in terms of playstyle. True Shot, Flurry Cast, Exit Wounds, Blown Kiss, Urge to Kill, Support Fire, Fully Loaded, Hunter’s Mark, Snow Burst, Greater Haste Boons that radically change the way Cast works, such as Crush Shot or Slicing Shot When built correctly, this is one of the most overpowered Aspects of the game. Exit Wounds is a must-have since the passive of this Aspect causes Casts to dislodge very often.
‘Hidden’ Aspect of Arthur A much slower and ‘tankier’ Aspect centered around slow, high-damage swings and higher max HP. Divine Strike, Divine Flourish, Phalanx Shot, Heartbreak Strike, Deadly Strike, Positive Outlook, Greater Reflex, Quick Recovery Boons that slow Zagreus down even more or incentivize using his Special more often ‘Slowest’ overall playstyle of the four Blade Aspects, but hardest hitting per swing. Deflect Boons and Damage Negation Boons go a long way with this Aspect.

The Shield of Chaos: Unbreakable and Unstoppable!


Next up, we have Aegis, the Shield of Chaos. It’s the safest (and most commonly used) weapon in Hades on average, which makes sense considering it’s a shield. Its moveset allows players to Bull Rush, which is where Zagreus charges up and blasts toward enemies while also blocking incoming damage from the front. It essentially means that Zag can defend while attacking, and it’s the only weapon that straight-up has a block mechanic.

When it comes to the Aegis, building up attack speed, charge speed, and overall Attack seem to do well. Whether you’re using Aspect of Zagreus or Aspect of Chaos, the focus remains on buffing up the Attack and charge speed. Get ready to unleash the power of the shield!

Name Aspect Overview Recommendations What To Avoid Boon Recommendation Reasoning
Aspect of Zagreus Like most of the other ‘Zagreus Aspects’, it’s pretty basic. Does extra damage on Dash Strike and Attack. Heartbreak Strike, Drunken Strike, Frost Strike, Swift Strike, Blade Dash, Divine Dash, Mistral Dash, Drunken Dash Too many Boons centered around the Cast or Special Players will be hitting enemies very quickly and very often with the Dash Strike using this Aspect, so it’s a great choice for builds centering around high-stack status effects like Hangover or Chill.
Aspect of Chaos One of the Aspects that went through the most changes between the early access and full release. Heartbreak Flourish, Curse of Pain, Divine Flourish, Swift Flourish, Empty Inside, Sweet Surrender, Urge to Kill, Battle Rage Focusing too much on buffing Attack with Boons Builds for this Aspect are typically split between Aphrodite’s Heartbreak Flourish or Ares’ Curse of Pain as the main catalyst for the build.

And that’s just the beginning! We’ve got more weapons to explore in this hilarious and action-packed adventure of Hades. Stay tuned for our next installment as we dive into the incredible powers of Exagryph, Varatha, and the Heart-Seeking Bow, Coronacht, and uncover more incredible boons and strategies for you to master.

Hades is available now on PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

This guide was lovingly crafted on July 19th, 2023, by the untamed gamer Jacob Buchalter!