Brotato: Unlockables Guide

Brotato: Unlockables Guide

Brotato is a ridiculously fun top-down roguelike where you get to unleash your inner alien-slaughtering warrior. This game is packed with countless characters and items, offering endless combinations to explore. But unlocking everything in Brotato is not a walk in the park. You’ll have to face some seriously tough challenges, like defeating bosses as the peaceful Pacifist or surviving in Danger five difficulty. To conquer these challenges, you’ll need to know how to create the ultimate builds in Brotato.

Brotato Character

Updated July 18, 2023, by Sean Murray: If you’re looking to upgrade your arsenal and dominate your next run, these Brotato unlocks are exactly what you need. We’ve spruced up this guide to make it easier on your eyes and tickle your funny bone.

All Unlockables And How To Unlock Them

Playing different characters in Brotato comes with unique perks. Each character starts with additional stats or cool items, giving you an edge from the start. And let’s not forget about the powerful and rare items that can significantly boost your stats. Of course, unlocking these goodies won’t be a walk in the park. You’ll need to fulfill certain requirements to get your hands on them.

Now, let’s take a look at the table below for a comprehensive list of all locked characters and items in the game, along with the methods to unlock them:

Name Icon How to Unlock
Lucky Lucky Collect 300 materials
Generalist Generalist Collect 300 materials
Multitasker Multitasker Collect 5,000 materials
Pacifist Pacifist Collect 10,000 materials
Saver Saver Collect 20,000 materials
Chunky Chunky Die for the first time in the game
Engineer Engineer Place five turrets on the map
Doctor Doctor Heal 200 HP in one wave
Entrepreneur Entrepreneur Save 3,000 materials
Artificer Artificer Kill 15 enemies with one blast
Explorer Explorer Cut 50 trees
Old Old Kill 300 enemies
Mutant Mutant Kill 2,000 enemies
Loud Loud Kill 5,000 enemies
Wildling Wildling Kill 10,000 enemies
Gladiator Gladiator Kill 20,000 enemies
Sick Sick Reach -5% HP regeneration
Streamer Streamer Reach -20% movement speed
Speedy Speedy Reach +50% movement speed
Ghost Ghost Reach +60% dodge
Farmer Farmer Reach +200 harvesting stat
Hunter Hunter Reach +300 range
Arms Dealer Arms Dealer Recycle 12 weapons in one game
One Armed One Armed Win the game with Danger 0 difficulty
Bull Bull Win the game with Danger 1 difficulty
Soldier Soldier Win the game with Danger 2 difficulty
Masochist Masochist Win the game with Danger 3 difficulty
Knight Knight Win the game with Danger 4 difficulty
Demon Demon Win the game with Danger 5 difficulty
Lucky Charm Lucky Charm Win a game with the Lucky character
Big Arms Big Arms Win a game with the Generalist character
Chopper Chopper Win a game with the Multitasker character
Panda Panda Win a game with the Pacifist character
Padding Padding Win a game with the Saver character
Potato Thrower Potato Thrower Win a game with the Chunky character
Robot Arm Robot Arm Win a game with the Engineer character
Medikit Medikit Win a game with the Doctor character. Survivability is crucial in Brotato, and this item provides +10 HP Regeneration.
Bowler Hat Bowler Hat Win a game with the Entrepreneur character
Explosive Shells Explosive Shells Win a game with the Artificer character. Explosions make games more fun, right?
Compass Compass Win a game with the Explorer character
Snail Snail Win a game with the Old character
Octopus Octopus Win a game with the Mutant character
Rip and Tear Rip and Tear Win a game with the Loud character
Hatchet Hatchet Win a game with the Wildling character
Spider Spider Win a game with the Gladiator character
Whetstone Whetstone Win a game with the Sick character
Community Support Community Support Win a game with the Streamer character
Fin Fin Win a game with the Speedy character
Ritual Ritual Win a game with the Ghost character
Wheat Wheat Win a game with the Farmer character
Sniper Gun Sniper Gun Win a game with the Hunter character. Unlock the Sniper Rifle for those satisfying long-range shots
Anvil Anvil Win a game with the Arms Dealer character
Potato Potato Win a game with the Well Rounded character. It’s the only item with no negative buff, just pure potato goodness!
Power Fist Power Fist Win a game with the Brawler character
Hunting Trophy Hunting Trophy Win a game with the Crazy character
Night Goggles Night Goggles Win a game with the Ranger character
Thunder Sword Thunder Sword Win a game with the Mage character
Focus Focus Win a game with the One Armed character
Gnome Gnome Win a game with the Bull character
Nuclear Launcher Nuclear Launcher Win a game with the Soldier character. This devastating weapon scales with Range and Elemental Damage.
Spiky Shield Spiky Shield Win a game with the Masochist character
Plasma Sledgehammer Plasma Sledgehammer Win a game with the Knight character. This explosive weapon is definitely worth unlocking.
Obliterator Obliterator Win a game with the Demon character

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If you want to unleash true devastation and dominate the alien hordes, there are a few unlockable items and weapons that you simply cannot miss. Here are our top recommendations:

  • Obliterator: This beast is a perfect match for the Hunter character. With +1% damage for every ten Range, you’ll become an unstoppable force.
  • Nuclear Launcher: Take the Artificer character to new heights with this explosive weapon. It scales with Range and Elemental Damage, creating devastating explosions upon impact. Plus, the Artificer starts with a whopping 175% Explosion Damage and gains +4% Explosion Size for every Elemental Damage you have.
  • Gnome: Boost your Melee and Elemental Damage by 10% with this little fellow. It’s a must-have for weapons like the Plasma Sledgehammer, Plank, and Thunder Sword, which deal both melee and elemental damage.
  • Night Goggles: If you’re a fan of ranged and crit characters, the Night Goggles are a game-changer. With +15% Crit Chance and +50 Range, you’ll hit your enemies from afar with deadly precision.

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