Bugsnax: Catching Megamaki Guide

Bugsnax: Catching Megamaki Guide

Bugsnax – A Guide to Conquering the Mighty Megamaki


Bugsnax come in all shapes and sizes, but none are more exciting than the Legendary Bugsnax of Snaktooth Island. As you play the game and complete the quests of Snakburg’s residents, you’ll face these magnificent creatures one by one, sharpening your skills and tools along the way.

But let’s talk about the most thrilling encounter – the mighty Megamaki! This monstrous construction of sushi is the grand finale of Wiggle’s questline. How do you go about tackling such a beast? Well, let me show you.

Updated July 13, 2023 by Ryan Bamsey: With the launch of Bugsnax on mobile devices, we’ve gone ahead and updated this guide to make sure everything is completely up-to-date, readable, and helpful!

How To Find The Megamaki

To embark on the Megamaki fight, you’ll need to complete Wiggle’s series of personal quests. These quests revolve around her search for inspiration through eating Bugsnax because, well, what else could inspire her? However, before unlocking the third and final quest involving the Megamaki, you must first complete two prerequisite side quests.

  1. The first quest is called Yellow Submarine, where Wiggle requests some Sub Sandopedes.
  2. The second quest is Fly Me to the Moon, where Wiggle needs a White Cheepoof instead.

Once these quests are completed, you can take on Dance with the Dragon, which takes place in Boiling Bay. To start this quest, you’ll also need to convince Floofty to return to Snakburg.

When you accept the “Dance with the Dragon” quest, you’ll be automatically transported to Boiling Bay. Walk alongside Wiggle over to the shipwreck, and she’ll start singing in an attempt to summon the legendary Bugsnax – and it actually works!

How To Defeat The Megamaki

Megamaki Fight

Defeating the Megamaki is a relatively simple task, but it requires the right tools. For this fight, you’ll need the trusty Trip Shot and the versatile Bug Net.

Your goal here is to trip the Megamaki with your Trip Shot, which you can attach to the chopsticks or any of the wooden structures scattered around the map. Alternatively, you can attach the Trip Shot to your Lunchpad.

When the Megamaki hits the Trip Shot wire, it will break into all of its constituent pieces like a Sandopede. Your task is to run after the erratic Minimakis and scoop them up with your Bug Net. After twenty seconds of vulnerability, they’ll reform into the Megamaki. It may start flying through the air, but the fight remains the same. Use the Trip Shot to knock the Megamaki out of the sky.

Once you’ve caught every Minimaki that used to be part of the Megamaki’s body, you’ll be able to scoop up the Megamaki as it stops moving around. Feed it to Wiggle to complete her awe-inspiring quest.

How To Refight Megamaki

Megamaki Statue

After vanquishing the Megamaki and turning in the quest, a statue will appear on a sandy outcropping out at sea. When you interact with it, you’ll be given the chance to rematch the mighty Megamaki for another thrilling battle.

Now go forth, brave Snaktooth islanders, conquer the Megamaki, and let the Bugsnax adventures continue!

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