Bugsnax: Finding and Catching All Bugsnax in Garden Grove

Bugsnax: Finding and Catching All Bugsnax in Garden Grove

Catching Bugsnax is the heart and soul of Bugsnax. I mean, it’s literally in the name! These little critters are both adorable and delectable, making them the perfect combination. As a journalist extraordinaire, your mission is to track down and capture each and every Bugsnax on Snaktooth Island.

Bugsnax Garden Grove

Garden Grove is one of the first areas you’ll explore in Bugsnax, and it serves as a lengthy tutorial for catching these delightful creatures. From the iconic Bunger to the maddening Cobhopper, this area is home to a variety of snax that will satisfy your hunger for adventure. Let’s dive in and learn how to catch them all!

Updated July 12, 2023 by Ryan Bamsey: Hey, folks! Bugsnax has just launched on mobile devices, so we’ve taken the opportunity to update this guide, ensuring that it’s fresh, informative, and ready to assist you on your Bugsnax-catching journey.

Every Bugsnax In Garden Grove

Garden Grove is a small area compared to others, which means it’s home to fewer Bugsnax. You’ll only find a total of nine different types here. Let’s take a closer look at each one:

Appearance Name Behavior Traits
Bunger Bunger Loves ketchup and cheese Meaty, Aggressive
Fryder Fryder Loves ketchup, cheese, and ranch dressing
Shishkabug Shishkabug Loves hot sauce and fears Bungers Meaty
Sweetiefly Sweetiefly Is only active from 4:00 AM to 4:00 PM Sweet, Flying
White Strabby White Strabby Loves chocolate Fruity
Dr Sodie Dr Sodie Hates ketchup, chocolate, ranch dressing, and fire Sweet
Weenyworm Weenyworm Loves ketchup and cheese Meaty
Cobhopper Cobhopper Evasive
Crispy Snakpod Crispy Snakpod

How To Catch Every Bugsnax In Garden Grove

Bugsnax Garden Grove Trap

To help you catch all nine types of Bugsnax in Garden Grove, here are some handy tips. You’ll need a few tools to accomplish this: – Sauce Slinger: All the sauces you need can be found in Garden Grove. – Lunchpad – Trip Shot – Snakgrappler (optional)

Appearance Name Location How To Catch
Bunger Bunger Roaming around the lower level near the stream Lure two Bungers together using ketchup, then cover one with the Sauce Shooter. After it tackles the ketchup-covered Bunger, catch it with the Bug Net.
Fryder Fryder On the ceiling of the small cave on the lower level Place your Snak Trap on the ground near the Fryder and cover it with a sauce it likes. It will voluntarily walk into the trap.
Shishkabug Shishkabug Near bushes and Bungers on the lower level Scare it into a bush, set a trap nearby, and lure a Bunger to the bush with ketchup. Cover the bush with ketchup, and when the Bunger attacks, catch the Shishkabug.
Sweetiefly Sweetiefly Flying in the air during their active hours Launch your Snak Trap at the resting Sweetiefly using the Lunchpad, then quickly place your Snak Trap down and aim it.
White Strabby White Strabby Near the bush close to the exit that leads to Flavor Falls Scan the White Strabby, place the Snak Trap in its path, and use chocolate to lure it in.
Dr Sodie Dr Sodie Swimming up and down the stream in the middle of the area Lead Dr Sodie into your Snak Trap by creating a trail of sauce patches.
Weenyworm Weenyworm Circles Wambus’s pen Cover your Snak Trap in ketchup and keep your distance. Once the Weenyworm is inside the trap, you can catch it easily.
Cobhopper Cobhopper Jumps between the large, round trees in the area Use the Trip Shot to knock the Cobhopper out of its flight path. Set up a tripwire between two of the Cobhopper’s trees and wait for it to be caught.
Crispy Snakpod Crispy Snakpod Snakpods are stationary and easy to grab. Catch them with the Bug Net or Snakgrappler if they’re out of reach.

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