Bugsnax: Megamaki Catching Guide

Bugsnax: Megamaki Catching Guide

Bugsnax: The Legendary Megamaki – A Sushi Showdown!

Welcome to Snaktooth Island, where Bugsnax come in all shapes and sizes! But let’s be honest, nothing gets our hearts racing quite like the Legendary Bugsnax. And guess what? The pinnacle of excitement awaits you in the form of the almighty Megamaki! Brace yourself for a monstrous construction of sushi that’ll put your skills and tools to the ultimate test.

Before we dive into the epic battle, it’s worth noting that this guide has been given a fresh update by the one and only Ryan Bamsey. We’ve made sure it’s up-to-date, readable, and as helpful as ever!

How To Find The Megamaki

The Megamaki fight is the grand finale of Wiggle’s personal quests. This quirky character has been on a quest for inspiration through Bugsnax, because, well, what else could inspire her? To unlock the final showdown, you’ll need to complete two prerequisite side quests.

First up is “Yellow Submarine,” where Wiggle craves some Sub Sandopedes. Next, in “Fly Me to the Moon,” Wiggle’s got her eyes set on a delicious White Cheepoof. Once you’ve triumphed over those challenges, it’s time for “Dance with the Dragon” in Boiling Bay. But before you embark on this quest, make sure you’ve convinced Floofty to return to Snakburg. We wouldn’t want to start the show without a full cast!

When you accept the quest, you’ll be whisked away to Boiling Bay. Follow Wiggle to the shipwreck, and prepare yourself for a musical extravaganza. She’ll belt out a tune in hopes of summoning a legendary Bugsnax, and guess what? It actually works!

How To Defeat The Megamaki

To take down the Megamaki, you’ll need to arm yourself with the trusty Trip Shot and Bug Net. These handy tools will be your saviors in this battle of epic proportions.

Your goal is simple – trip the Megamaki using your Trip Shot. You can attach it to the chopsticks or any wooden structures scattered around the fighting arena. Alternatively, you can attach the Trip Shot to your Lunchpad if you’re feeling extra creative!

When the Megamaki stumbles into your Trip Shot wire, it will shatter into its constituent pieces, much like a Sandopede. This is your moment to shine! Chase after the speedy Minimakis and swiftly scoop them up with your Bug Net. But beware, this vulnerability only lasts for twenty seconds. Once the time is up, the Minimakis will reform into the Megamaki, taking to the skies. Don’t worry though, the fight remains the same. Use your trusty Trip Shot to knock the Megamaki out of the air and back into your control.

Once you’ve wrangled every Minimaki that used to be a part of the Megamaki’s body, rejoice! The Megamaki will stop its wild gyrations, allowing you to finally scoop it up. Feed this culinary masterpiece to Wiggle, and revel in your victory!

How To Refight Megamaki

After emerging victorious and completing the quest, keep an eye out for a statue that appears on a sandy outcropping out at sea. This monument holds something special for you – the chance to refight the Megamaki! The thrill doesn’t have to end just yet. Go ahead, interact with the statue, and let the battle commence once more!

Now that you’re armed with the knowledge and a touch of humor, go forth and conquer the Legendary Megamaki like a true Bugsnax champion! Happy hunting, my fellow snack enthusiasts!

Megamaki Statue