Call of Duty 2024 details leaked by actor on Facebook

Call of Duty 2024 details leaked by actor on Facebook

Call of Duty 2024: A Peek Into the Future

Call of Duty 2024

Hold on to your controllers, folks! We might have just stumbled upon some top-secret intel about Call of Duty 2024. And guess what? It involves a Hollywood actor and a whole lot of excitement!

Meet Luke Charles Stafford, the man who claims his face is about to become immortalized in the next installment of the legendary game franchise. In a recent Facebook post, he spilled the beans on his involvement with Activision and their upcoming main character. According to Stafford, he’ll be stepping into the boots of ‘Ratcliffe’ in the highly anticipated Call of Duty game set to release next year.

Luke Charles Stafford

Now, you might be wondering, “Who is this electrifying actor?” Well, apart from his acting chops, Stafford is also a talented singer. And he couldn’t contain his joy as he wrote, “To all of my college roommates and Black Ops 2 crew, get ready to lock and load with me again! But this time, I’m playing as myself!”

Oh, but the excitement doesn’t end there. Stafford even shared images and videos of himself undergoing body scanning for the game, giving us a sneak peek into the behind-the-scenes magic.

So, what can we expect from Call of Duty 2024? Well, leaks earlier this year hinted that Treyarch is working on the game under the codename Cerberus, fueling rumors of a new addition to the Black Ops series. Insider Gaming speculates that the character ‘Ratcliffe’ might be inspired by Major Peter Ratcliffe, a former British soldier and author with three decades of military service under his belt.

As much as we’d love to dive into the details, it’s important to remember that official information is still under lock and key. Activision hasn’t even unveiled this year’s release—rumored to be Modern Warfare 3—although some lucky pro basketball players got an exclusive preview during the NBA Summer League.

Meanwhile, in other news, another chatty actor spilled the beans about a Need for Speed: Most Wanted remake. Seems like the gaming industry’s got a bit of a leaky ship!

Quick Recap:

  • Luke Charles Stafford spills the beans about his involvement in Call of Duty 2024.
  • His likeness will be used for the main character, ‘Ratcliffe’.
  • Body scanning and behind-the-scenes videos add to the excitement.
  • Speculation suggests Cerberus might be the codename for Treyarch’s development.
  • Insider Gaming believes the character might be inspired by Major Peter Ratcliffe.
  • Official announcements are yet to come, with Modern Warfare 3 still under wraps.
  • Need for Speed: Most Wanted remake rumors add to the leaky boat.