Call of Duty rakes in massive mobile profits, here’s the staggering amount.

Call of Duty rakes in massive mobile profits, here's the staggering amount.

Call of Duty: The Epic Journey of Explosions and Cash

Call of Duty

Step aside, mere mortals! Call of Duty is here, rocking the gaming world like a 90 million-player hurricane. Activision just dropped some knowledge bombs about the mind-blowing success of their flagship franchise, and boy, oh boy, it’s a wild ride.

Let’s start with the mobile marvel that is Call of Duty: Mobile. This bad boy has been raking in the dough faster than you can say “headshot.” Brace yourself for this mind-boggling fact: lifetime spending on the game has surpassed a jaw-dropping $3 billion. Yep, you read that right! It’s like printing money for Activision, but with way more explosions.

But let’s not stop there. Call of Duty: Mobile is flexing its mobile muscles and proving it’s no pushover. According to the mobile app analytics wizards at Sensor Tower, the game earned a staggering $1.5 billion by February 2022. And guess what? It has officially doubled that figure since then. Talk about leveling up!

Now, hold on to your controllers, because we’ve got some major console news comin’ in hot. Brace yourselves, soldiers: a brand new Call of Duty game is swooping in this fall to blow our minds on PC and console. Rumor has it that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III is on the horizon, ready to unleash its full arsenal of operators, weapons, and bundles into the fray. Prepare for war, my friends!

Oh, and did we mention the insane sales growth? Activision proudly declared that Call of Duty games “grew sharply” during the latest quarter. But it’s not just game sales lighting up the scoreboard. Microtransactions are on fire too, with Modern Warfare II/Warzone Season 3 taking the crown as the highest-grossing in-game season yet. And the pièce de résistance? The shiny, wallet-slayer known as the new BlackCell DLC. For just $30, you’ll be able to dive headfirst into the action with all the explosive goodness you can handle.

But enough talk about screens filled with epic console battles. Over half of all engagement happens on mobile, people! That’s right; out of the staggering 90 million monthly Call of Duty players, more than half of them are hooked on the mobile chaos. So, it’s no surprise that Activision has big plans brewing. Get ready for the ultimate showdown with Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile, set to conquer the mobile landscape in the future. Right now, stealthy regional testing is underway, and oh boy, we can’t wait to see how it turns out. Developed by Activision’s very own Solid State Studios, this mobile magnificence will have you wreaking havoc on the go.

But wait, there’s more! In a plot twist that could make even the most seasoned gamers gasp, Activision and Microsoft just extended their merger agreement. The tantalizing possibility of these two gaming behemoths joining forces for some unimaginable power-ups will have us eagerly waiting for the final boss battle.

It’s clear that the Call of Duty franchise is an unstoppable force, leaving us all in awe with its mind-blowing numbers and unrelenting gaming experience. So gear up and get ready, because there’s no end in sight for this epic journey of explosions and cash. Let the games begin!