Capturing Tamil cuisine sounds with Venba

Capturing Tamil cuisine sounds with Venba

Cooking with a Side of Sound and Nostalgia

The Sizzle and Pop of a Virtual Kitchen

Image: Visai Games

From the sizzle and pop of oil to cinema-inspired music, cooking in a video game may not seem as flavorful as the real thing, but Venba proves otherwise. Imagine a virtual kitchen where you can’t taste or smell, but the sights and sounds transport you to a culinary wonderland. With every crackle of garlic in oil or hiss of steam from dumplings, Venba tantalizes your senses and leaves you craving to play more.

A Sprinkle of Narrative, A Dash of Cooking

Venba takes you on a flavorful journey with a heartfelt story. You step into the shoes of Venba, a mother and wife from an Indian family living in Canada. Through the art of cooking, Venba attempts to reconnect her family to their cultural heritage while rediscovering lost family recipes. Combining elements of a visual novel and a cooking game, Venba serves up a narrative filled with family, love, loss, and more.

Image: Visai Games

The Sound of Authenticity

During a recent preview, Venba’s game designer, Ahbi, gave the media a taste of the game’s narrative and cooking elements. Ahbi highlighted the team’s dedication to capturing the essence of Tamil cuisine, which differs from the more commonly known northern Indian food. To create an authentic experience, the team meticulously followed the recipes themselves, paying close attention to taste, texture, and sound.

“Cooking these recipes ourselves was crucial for both accuracy and to make players feel like they were stepping into a Tamil kitchen,” Ahbi explained. “And for that, our sound designer played a vital role.”

Foley, Food, and Fun

Neha Patel, the sound designer of Venba, embarked on a unique journey to capture the perfect sounds for the game. She not only cooked the meals but also recorded every step, using Foley techniques to recreate the authentic sounds of sizzling oil and simmering curries. Her dedication and attention to detail allowed the in-game footage to sync seamlessly with the recorded sounds, immersing players in the culinary world of Venba.

Image: Visai Games

A Symphony of Flavors and Melodies

Venba’s commitment to authenticity goes beyond just food. Ahbi shared how the team meticulously curated a nostalgic soundscape by incorporating radio music from different eras of Tamil cinema. The in-game radio features a carefully crafted soundtrack, paying homage to specific music directors who influenced the team’s upbringing. The music evolves and adapts to the game’s different levels and time periods, creating an immersive audio experience.

“Music is the heart and soul of Tamil cinema. It was important to us to recreate those styles, so we used live instruments specifically selected for each music director,” Ahbi revealed. Venba boasts a rare feat for indie games by featuring live-recorded music performed by talented South Asian artists and composed by the enigmatic Alpha Something.

Whether you’re a gaming enthusiast or a food lover, Venba serves up a delightful blend of storytelling, cooking, and nostalgic melodies. Immerse yourself in the world of Venba, where the senses come alive, and family recipes unlock a wealth of emotions and flavors.