COD 2023 may bring back MW2 operators, guns, and bundles.

COD 2023 may bring back MW2 operators, guns, and bundles.

Call of Duty 2023: Modern Warfare Madness!

Call of Duty 2023

Rumors have been swirling like a mad whirlwind about this year’s upcoming Call of Duty game! Activision, the guru of the gaming world, seems to have heard the chatter and responded in a sly and mischievous manner. Social media went into a frenzy when the official Call of Duty Twitter account posted a poll to its millions of followers, asking if fan-favorite operators, weapons, and bundles from Modern Warfare II should carry forward into Call of Duty 2023. The options for the poll were clear: “Yes” and “Yes, when is reveal?” I mean, come on, Activision, just spill the beans already!

While it may not be an absolute confirmation yet, the fact that they are even contemplating the inclusion of content from Modern Warfare II in this year’s game has sent waves of excitement through the Call of Duty community. Those die-hard fans who have poured countless hours and dollars into their beloved operators and gear must be jumping for joy. And who can blame them? It’s like winning the lottery of digital warfare!

Now, brace yourselves, because the rumors don’t stop there! Alongside the nostalgic whispers of 2023’s Call of Duty being Modern Warfare III, there are talks of a revamped perk system and even the return of those trusty red dots on the mini-map. Oh, the goosebumps! Activision must be riding this whirlwind of speculation because they recently sent those pesky DMCA takedown requests to some accounts leaking information. They’re like the secret agents of surprise, never letting any beans spill before they’re ready!

But fear not, fellow soldiers, for the wait won’t be too long. Rumor has it that Call of Duty 2023 will be officially announced in August 2023, right in the midst of Modern Warfare II/Warzone Season 5. So, keep your eyes peeled and your thumbs ready to enter the battlefield once again.

In the meantime, GameSpot will have your back with all the latest updates and insider information. Stay locked, loaded, and prepared for the modern warfare madness that awaits us in Call of Duty 2023!+

Let’s get this out of the way… Should #MWII Operators, Weapons, and Bundles carry forward into Call of Duty 2023? – Call of Duty (@CallofDuty) July 17, 2023