The Joy of Hay in Coral Island: How to Feed Your Farm Animals in Style! 🌾🐮🥦

We have the advice on how to keep your animals well-fed.

Coral Island Acquiring Hay

Part of the joy of playing Coral Island is not only sharing our story with fun NPCs but also having adorable farm animals as our companions. However, to start raking in the bacon, you need to rake in some hay first. Don’t worry; hay is one of the most abundant resources on Coral Island, and I’m here to guide you on how to acquire, upgrade, and store hay for your furry friends.

🌾 What Is Hay? 🌾

To keep your farm animals happy and producing quality products, they need a steady supply of hay or tall grass. Hay is crucial for providing all-weather access to food and ensuring that your animals don’t go unfed. Unfed animals won’t produce any animal products, so it’s essential to supply them with hay regularly.

While barn and coop animals can graze on tall grass, they can only do so on pleasant weather days. On bad weather days, your animals must eat inside their barn or coop to get the necessary sustenance and happiness benefits. Remember, happy animals are productive animals, so make sure to feed them each morning, especially during winter.

🌾 How to Get Hay 🌾

There are three primary ways to gather hay in Coral Island: cutting down tall grass, purchasing from Jack’s Ranch Shop, and dehydrating fiber. With these diverse methods, you’ll always have a reliable source of hay, even during the winter.

🌾 How to Get Hay from Tall Grass

Cutting down tall grass is the easiest way to obtain hay. Arm yourself with a trusty scythe and start harvesting the tall grass on your farm and around Coral Island. Most of the time, you’ll end up with a hefty stack of hay and fiber from a grass harvest. Tall grass also spreads naturally as the season progresses, as long as it isn’t eaten or harvested faster than it can regrow.

However, during winter, tall grass will not grow and will rapidly decay over the first week. If you run out of tall grass on your farm, fret not! You can find patches of tall grass scattered around Coral Island’s forests and hillside. If you don’t manage to harvest any hay, you can still use the fiber to make hay later on.

🌾 How to Dehydrate Fiber

If you find yourself with an abundance of fiber, you can use a dehydrator to turn it into hay. The dehydrator is a mid-game artisan machine that you can unlock by reaching level four diving mastery. Simply place ten pieces of fiber into the dehydrator, and overnight, you’ll have ten pieces of hay ready for your farm animals. This method is an efficient way to mass-produce hay for your furry friends.

Remember that hay naturally decays during winter, so set up a dehydrator system by late fall to ensure a continuous supply.

🌾 Buy from Shops

If you haven’t unlocked the dehydrator yet or have exhausted your hay supply, you can always buy hay from Jack’s Ranch Shop. However, this can be a bit pricey, as Jack sells hay for 30 coral coins each. If you need hay desperately and can’t access Jack’s shop, use the Sturdy Computer, an equipment item developed at Ling’s Lab, to purchase hay remotely.

Alternatively, you can buy grass starters from Sam’s General Store and plant your own tall grass on your farm. This method is much cheaper than buying hay directly. A stack of 100 grass starters costs 1,000 coral coins, making it a cost-effective way to acquire tall grass. While there’s no guarantee you’ll harvest hay from these starters, you can use them to feed your animals during the on-seasons.

🌾 How to Upgrade Hay 🌾

Upgrading the quality of hay is essential for maximizing the quality of the animal products you harvest. To upgrade your hay, head to Ling’s Lab and pay Ling using coral coins and kelp essence. Upgrades will apply to hay processed through the dehydrator or bought from a shop, so make sure your animals are getting the best possible food!

🌾 How to Store Hay 🌾

To store your hay, you’ll need to buy and build a silo from Dinda’s Carpentry shop. A single silo can hold up to 300 pieces of hay, which can easily feed a Deluxe Barn or Coop for an entire season. However, if you have additional Deluxe Barns or Coops, you’ll need one silo for each to ensure an adequate supply of hay.

Storing hay in silos has the advantage of being accessible through the feed box in your farm buildings. Without a silo, you’d have to manually count and carry the hay to your animals’ troughs every morning. Investing in an auto-feeder for your farm buildings is also an option, but it will only work if you have a stocked silo.

🌾 Tips for Surviving the Winter 🌾

Winter can be a challenging season for your farm animals, but with some preparation, you can ensure they never go hungry. Here are some tips to help you navigate the winter months:

  • Set up a dehydrator station early on and start dehydrating fiber during the good weather months.
  • Buy and stock silos during Spring, Summer, and Fall to have enough hay reserves for winter.
  • Allow your farm animals to roam outside when the weather is nice, ensuring they have access to edible tall grass.
  • Only lock your animals up to eat hay when necessary or during bad weather.
  • Choose the Animal Feed perk from the Ranching Mastery menu. This perk gives a 25 percent chance for animal feed to stay filled the next day, reducing the amount of hay needed.

With these tips, your animals will be well-fed and happy throughout the winter season.

🌾 Conclusion 🌾

Feeding your farm animals in Coral Island is a rewarding experience that requires a steady supply of hay. By cutting down tall grass, purchasing from shops, and dehydrating fiber, you can ensure your animals are well-fed, productive, and happy. Upgrade the quality of your hay, store it in silos, and implement strategies for surviving the winter. Now go forth, my fellow farmers, and embrace the joy of hay in Coral Island!


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