Dave The Diver: Barreleyes Location Guide

Dave The Diver: Barreleyes Location Guide

When you first dive into the world of Dave The Diver, the Bancho Sushi restaurant might feel a bit empty. Don’t worry, it’s not because the fish are shy, but simply because you’re just starting out. As you progress and unlock new areas, the number of recipes available will explode like a wayward Megalodon. Plus, you’ll even have the chance to cook up some special dishes for VIPs! So get your chef hat ready, because things are about to get fishy in the best way possible!

Dave The Diver Sea People Village Map

Now, let’s talk about special guests and VIPs. Unlike regular restaurant days where you have a smorgasbord of choices, catering to special guests is a different kettle of fish. They have specific demands and expect you to reel in the goods within a set number of days. One such special ingredient is the elusive Barreleye fish. However, to even have a chance at catching this dazzling beauty, you’ll need to dive deep and swim quite far into the game. It’s like searching for Atlantis, but with gills!

Where To Find Barreleye

In order to acquire the mystical Barreleye in Dave The Diver, you’ll need to make your way to the Sea People Village. But that’s not all, my dear diver. Before you can embark on this underwater adventure, you must first complete some tasks to gain the trust of the villagers. Once they see you’re as reliable as a waterproof smartphone, the village ruler will task you with retrieving a special key from the mysterious Abandoned Cave. Trust me, it’s a key worth more than mermaid tears.

This key will unlock the door to the Glacier Passage, and that’s where you’ll find the enchanting Barreleye fish, swimming gracefully in its icy abode. The Glacier Passage is divided into multiple rooms, located in the top-middle section of the village. If you find yourself in the depths of the bottom section, fear not! Just use the portal in the middle, and you’ll make a splash right at the top. Once you’ve entered the Glacier Passage, get ready to start your Barreleye farming spree. Keep in mind, though, this fish is as slippery as an eel, so patience and perseverance are key.

How To Get Three-Star Barreleye

Ah, the legendary three-star fish in Dave The Diver. These aquatic wonders are the crème de la crème, the holy grail of oceanic cuisine. Catching a three-star Barreleye comes with its fair share of perks. Not only will you be able to serve multiple servings (three instead of one), but you’ll also be rewarded with a golden card for your collection. It’s like winning the lottery, but with scales and fins!

Dave The Diver Aiming at Barreleye

Now, let’s talk strategy. To catch the illustrious three-star Barreleye, you’ll need to put the fish to sleep. Luckily, this small fish won’t require the heavy artillery of a Salvage Drone. There are a few different ways to tranquilize the fish and send it off to dreamland:

  • You can use a normal Hush Dart weapon to send the Barreleye into a temporary slumber. Keep an eye out for weapon chests that may contain the blueprint for this handy tool. It’s like hitting the fish with a pillow, but without the feathers.
  • If the sea gods smile upon you, you might stumble upon a Tranquilizer Harpoon in a random weapon chest. This trusty device will do the trick and make the fish snooze like an underwater lullaby.
  • Lastly, head over to the weapon upgrade system and craft a Tranquilizer version of any other weapon you have. However, be cautious, as Barreleyes don’t have the health of a hulking Kraken, and you might accidentally send it to the great beyond instead of dreamland.

Once the fish is peacefully dozing off, all you have to do is swim over and gently pick it up, adding it to your underwater inventory. As soon as you resurface, you’ll have the Barreleye ready to impress at Bancho Sushi. Oh, and if you’re feeling extra adventurous, you can even use a Net Gun to catch the three-star version without having to tranquilize it. It’s like being a master angler, but without the stinky bait.

So there you have it, folks! Now you’re armed with the knowledge to locate the elusive Barreleye and even reel in its magnificent three-star counterpart. Get ready to dive deep, swim with skill, and cook up some culinary delights that will make Poseidon himself jealous. Happy diving!

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