Dave The Diver: Defeating Kronosaurus Made Easy

Dave The Diver: Defeating Kronosaurus Made Easy

If you’ve activated the three switches in Glacial Area and reached the Control Room in Dave The Diver, congratulations! You’ve already faced some tough bosses with their own unique quirks. But before diving into the final chapter, there’s one more colossal challenge waiting for you at the entrance of the Control Room.

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This boss battle starts off with a face-off against John Watson, for the third time, but things quickly take a turn when the fearsome Kronosaurus bursts onto the scene. This gigantic alligator-like creature will give you a run for your money with its lightning-fast attacks and massive health pool. However, fear not, for you’ll also be equipped with a special weapon to take it down.

Kronosaurus Attack Pattern

Kronosaurus Throwing Boulders

After defeating Helicoprion and activating the third switch with Suwam, make your way to the entrance of the Control Room. As you arrive, you’ll be met by the familiar face of John Watson emerging from his submarine, armed with a whole new set of attacks. He’s determined to finally see you defeated, and this time, you won’t have a baseball bat to simply bat away his missiles. But before you can even process this, a colossal creature bursts out from the walls on the right and devours John Watson in seconds. Say hello to your real adversary in this area.

Kronosaurus has three primary attacks, and one of them is an all-too-familiar charge that other bosses love to employ. The monstrous creature dashes directly at you with its jaws wide open. You’ll take some damage if you collide with any part of its body, but the bite itself packs a much bigger punch.

Given its massive size, dodging these attacks can be quite challenging. Every few seconds, the boss will inhale nearby boulders, charging them up before launching them in an arc-shaped pattern. Swimming between the boulders or heading straight up will easily help you evade this attack.

Kronosaurus Performing Fire Attack

The third attack is undoubtedly the most perilous and difficult to dodge. Once Kronosaurus sustains enough damage, it swiftly swims to one side of the battlefield and unleashes a fiery laser attack. The laser starts from beneath the boss’ body and rises gradually. You’ll need precise timing to avoid this attack.

If you notice Kronosaurus frantically swimming to one side instead of coming straight for you, try to swim alongside it and swiftly position yourself beneath the boss. Alternatively, you can also swim upwards to a higher level to evade the impending doom.

How To Beat Kronosaurus

Kronosaurus Introduction Screen

Now that you’re familiar with Kronosaurus’ attack pattern, let’s dive into a special mechanic that’ll help you defeat it swiftly. As the battle begins, make your way to the left side first and open the chest containing weapons. Inside, you’ll either find a more suitable weapon for this encounter or an upgrade for your current one.

Once you’ve obtained the new weapon, use any chance you get to fire at Kronosaurus. On the battlefield, you’ll also spot a special weapon that was dropped when John Watson became lunch. Grab this weapon and use it against the boss every few seconds. Keep in mind that this weapon has a longer lock-on phase.

Whenever you’re near Kronosaurus and facing its direction, you can initiate the locking process with your weapon. Once the icon turns green, unleash a rocket that not only deals massive damage but also staggers the boss momentarily. The weapon will begin to spark for a few seconds afterward.

The missile launcher automatically recovers after a few seconds, but it also recovers when the boss tries to suck it in along with the surrounding boulders. When the weapon is ready to use, it’ll blink with white light. However, while it’s sparking, you won’t be able to pick it up.

Remember, no ordinary weapon can single-handedly defeat this boss unless you’ve fully upgraded them after countless hours. So count on the missile launcher to give you the edge. Additionally, there’s a yellow chest on the left side that could grant you a portable oxygen tank or an underwater scooter. Both of these items can be a life-saver during the intense battle.

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