Dave The Diver Guide: Defeating Helicoprion

Dave The Diver Guide: Defeating Helicoprion

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If you’ve made it to the sixth chapter of Dave The Diver, congratulations! You’ve probably unlocked most of the game’s areas by now. However, in this chapter, things get a little more challenging. Not only do you need to activate three switches in the Glacial Area to open the Control Room, but you also have to navigate through puzzles and face off against not one, not two, but three bosses!

One of these bosses is the ferocious Helicoprion. You’ll be fighting this giant fish alongside one of the Sea People you met earlier. But be warned, unless you know the precise mechanic to use against this underwater beast, your chances of survival are about as slim as a sardine.

How To Find Helicoprion

Helicoprion Introduction

Don’t worry, finding Helicoprion won’t require a marine biology degree. As you explore the Glacial Area, you’ll eventually lower the temperature, granting access to the bottom region. It’s in this third domain that you’ll encounter Helicoprion, along with your trusty companion Suwam.

When you’re just about to reach the third switch, brace yourself for the boss battle room. That’s where Helicoprion will instantly aggro onto you, while Suwam teleports to a safe spot at the top. Remember, a great white shark might be intimidating, but a great white shark with a vendetta is on a whole other level.

Helicoprion Attack Pattern

Helicoprion Slash Attack

Once the battle commences, Helicoprion won’t let up. It’ll unleash a torrent of attacks upon poor Dave, relentlessly pursuing him no matter where he swims. Helicoprion employs two main attack patterns: the Slash attack and the Dash attack. The Slash attack involves the fish swinging its face twice, followed by a lightning-fast dash towards its target.

To avoid this aquatic acrobatics show, stick close to the fish and swim up or down as soon as it starts charging. Just like avoiding your in-laws at a family gathering, keeping a safe distance from Helicoprion is essential. If you’re not in its line of sight, the fish will break out its Dash attack, careening through the water, destroying anything in its path with the wheel on its head.

Rock Structures

Dodging Helicoprion’s attacks can be tough, but you’re not defenseless. Random rock structures dot the battlefield. You can find them on the bottom level, on both left and right platforms at the higher level, and even below the platform where Suwam is taking cover. Ramming Helicoprion into these rocky obstacles will temporarily incapacitate it.

Keep in mind, though, these structures can only bear the brunt of Helicoprion’s wrath once. They’re not indestructible. Additionally, be on the lookout for ammo refills on the lower and upper-right platforms, a weapon chest on the upper-right platform, and an oxygen refill on the upper-left platform. It’s an underwater battlefield, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take a breather.

How To Defeat Helicoprion

Disabling Helicoprion

Now, let’s talk about taking down this formidable fish. Your weapon of choice? Divine Fruits, conveniently located near Suwam’s platform. First things first, head to the weapon chest on the upper-right platform and unlock it. You might find an upgraded version of your current weapon or even a shiny new one tailor-made for dealing with Helicoprion.

Once you’ve armed yourself, swim over to one of the Divine Fruits on Suwam’s platform. Ensure Suwam is also within striking distance of the fruit you plan to use. When Helicoprion gets too close to the fruit, give it a swift whack, temporarily disabling the fish. This opens up a precious window of opportunity to pummel it with relentless firepower.

Don’t get too carried away, though, as Helicoprion will retaliate with a Slash attack as soon as it recovers. Taking damage during a boss battle is never a good look. After using one Divine Fruit, you’ll have a few seconds of respite before needing to use the other fruit or outwit the enemy. Keep attacking aggressively until you’ve dealt enough damage to the fish.

At that point, Helicoprion will wiggle around and crash into the wall on the right, unveiling the passage to the switch room. Harvest the defeated fish’s body to obtain its meat and unlock the Roasted Helicoprion Tail recipe in the Research tab at Bancho Sushi. Just a heads up, you’ll need an Artisan’s Flame for this culinary delight, and you can only serve it on special occasions.

Once Helicoprion lies defeated, prepare yourself for another boss battle near the Control Room. It’s time to show these underwater adversaries who really rules the seas!

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