Togetherness: The Worst and Most Infamous Modifier in Destiny 2

Given the removal of one modifier from the Season of the Wish's Coil activity, Bungie should contemplate its complete removal from the game.

Destiny 2 removes one endgame modifier, a logical progression after the new patch.

🎮 Have you ever heard of a modifier in a video game that makes life harder for players by forcing them to stick together? Well, that’s exactly what Togetherness does in Destiny 2’s PvE content. This notorious modifier has gained a reputation for reducing health and shield regeneration when players separate, making battles nearly impossible to overcome. While Bungie has removed Togetherness from Season of the Wish’s primary activity, The Coil, it’s high time that they remove it from the game entirely. Let’s dive into the reasons why Togetherness needs to be banished from Destiny 2 once and for all!

The Curse of Togetherness

Out of all the modifiers in Destiny 2’s PvE content, Togetherness is by far the most dreaded. This modifier requires players to stick close together at all times. If they dare to separate, their health and shield regeneration take a massive hit. 🛡️ It’s like the game is punishing players for trying to strategically position themselves or move freely. This unnecessary challenge has frustrated countless Guardians.

⚔️ Have you ever found yourself in a battle where you had to plan your every move, coordinate with your team, and strategize to gain the upper hand? Well, forget about that when Togetherness is in effect. It throws all of that out the window. The only strategy becomes “stick together or perish.” While this may sound simple, it actually subjects the entire team to devastating area-of-effect attacks that can wipe them out in an instant. And let’s not forget that it robs players of the opportunity to have individual responsibilities in battles that require a variety of concurrent actions from the team. It’s like trying to solve a puzzle but being forced to use only one piece!

🧩 Destiny 2 is known for its challenging content, and modifiers like Blackout and Extinguish certainly add to that. But those modifiers can be overcome with skill, coordination, and a little bit of luck. Togetherness, on the other hand, takes away players’ freedom and creativity, making battles more frustrating than ever before.

Bungie’s Partial Solution

In a recent patch, Bungie removed Togetherness as a modifier for Season of the Wish’s primary activity, The Coil. 🎉 While this is a step in the right direction, many players are left wondering why Togetherness has not been completely eradicated from the game. After all, this is a change that players have been requesting for years. It’s time for Bungie to listen and take action!

The Quest for Freedom

🌟 Destiny 2 is all about freedom and choice. Whether it’s choosing your Guardian’s class, customizing your loadout, or exploring vast worlds, the game celebrates the individuality of each player. So why should Togetherness strip away that freedom? It’s time to put an end to this oppressive modifier and allow players to once again enjoy the game to its fullest.

💪 Imagine being able to roam the battlefield, strategize with your team, and execute your plan without the fear of being punished for simply moving away from your teammates. With Togetherness removed, battles would become a true test of skill and teamwork rather than an exercise in frustration.

🌌 Destiny 2 has always been a game that strives to satisfy its community. And removing Togetherness from the game entirely would be a clear sign of Bungie’s dedication to their players. It’s not just a fan request anymore; it’s a demand for fairness and balance.


Togetherness has plagued Destiny 2 for far too long. Its negative impact on players’ ability to strategize and overcome difficult PvE content is undeniable. While Bungie took a step in the right direction by removing it from The Coil, it’s time for them to go all the way and banish Togetherness from the game for good. Let’s bring back the joy of creative gameplay and teamwork, and let Guardians flourish without unnecessary burdens.

🤝 What do you think about Togetherness in Destiny 2? Should it be removed entirely? Share your thoughts in the comments below and let’s start a discussion!

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