Destiny 2: Solstice 2023 Farming Guide

Destiny 2: Solstice 2023 Farming Guide

The Extravaganza of Solstice 2023 in Destiny 2 Returns! Get Ready for Some Fashionable Frenzy!

Hey, Guardians! The coveted Solstice event is back in full swing in Destiny 2, and it’s time to strut your stuff in marvelous new armor sets while wreaking havoc on your enemies. Not only do these new sets look absolutely spiffy, but they also come packed with the same reroll mechanic from last year, allowing you to fine-tune every individual piece to match your wildest dreams.

But hey, let’s be real: we all know grinding can be a bit of a drag sometimes, even in the vast universe of Destiny 2. Fear not, brave Guardians! We’ve got a few tricks up our sleeves to make your Solstice farming a breeze.

Mastering the Art of Solstice 2023 Farming

Before embarking on your glorious grind, make your way to the Tower and pay a visit to the delightful Eva Levante. She’ll gladly hook you up with a complete set of Solstice armor, along with a short chain of quests that introduce you to the event’s nitty-gritty. Now, let’s dive into the steps to maximize your farming efficiency:

  1. Gather Silver Leaves
  2. Convert Silver Leaves into Silver Ash
  3. Use Silver Ash to reroll Solstice armor pieces

The mystical Silver Leaves are your key to success—it’s the currency you’ll be after in your exploits. To obtain these shimmering beauties, simply take on any activity (except Bonfire Bash) while wearing the magnificent Solstice armor. One piece is all it takes to start racking up those precious leaves upon activity completion.

Strikes, Gambit matches, and Crucible battles are generous sources of Silver Leaves. Even Public Events dish out this valuable currency, but keep in mind that Heroic completions only earn you up to four leaves. Time to unleash your Guardian prowess!

Now, turning those Silver Leaves into Silver Ash is as simple as completing the lively Bonfire Bash. Here, you’ll find yourself in an exhilarating arena-style combat mission, where your noble objective is to rekindle a grand bonfire at the heart of the map. How, you ask? By throwing GameTopiciters at it, of course!

GameTopiciters are dropped by GameTopicition Carriers, those yellow-bar enemies that periodically spawn all over the European Aerial Zone. Keep an eye out for them, Guardian! Once the bonfire’s inferno is reignited, you’ll be rewarded handsomely. Just don’t let those pesky Taken interrupt the rekindling process—with swift elimination, you’ll be back on track.

After vanquishing the fearsome boss, brace yourself for an explosion of loot! Expect a plethora of Solstice 2023 armor pieces with randomly-rolled stats, along with heavenly delights such as the Something New Hand Cannon and the Crowning Duologue—Destiny 2’s first Strand Rocket launcher. Talk about a celestial shopping spree!

Silver Ash, the key to rerolling your armor, awaits your command. Simply interact with the dedicated Embers slot found in each armor piece’s list of mod slots. Before you unleash your fashion creativity, though, make sure to apply some Kindling, which you’ll earn by triumphantly completing Event Challenges. This will kickstart your rerolling adventures.

Remember, fellow Guardians, your destiny awaits! Dive headfirst into the Solstice 2023 event and seize the chance to forge your perfect loadout. Destiny 2 is beckoning you to embark on this wild and captivating journey, available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Don’t miss out on the incredible fun—grab your friends, gear up, and let the Solstice festivities begin! You’ve got this!

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