Destiny 2 Solstice Guide: Silver Leaves, Armor Upgrades, and More

Destiny 2 Solstice Guide: Silver Leaves, Armor Upgrades, and More

Destiny 2 Solstice Event Guide: Unlock Epic Armor Rolls, Party in the Tower, and Embrace Teamwork!

Solstice of Heroes

Hey there, Guardians! The Solstice of Heroes has finally arrived in Destiny 2, and it’s time to gather your fireteam, put on your dancing shoes, and celebrate in style. This annual event brings a cheerful mood to the Tower as we commemorate our greatest triumphs. But it’s not all fun and games – there are new challenges, rewards, and, of course, some epic armor rolls to chase after!

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Solstice 2023 start and end dates

The Solstice begins on July 18th and lasts until August 8th. So mark your calendars and get ready for three weeks of awesomeness!

How to get Silver Leaves, Kindling, and Silver Ash

The highlight of Solstice is the opportunity to craft the perfect armor roll to suit your playstyle. Collect Silver Leaves from various Destiny 2 activities, and then transform them into Silver Ash during the Bonfire Bash. Don’t forget to earn Kindling through Solstice Event challenges. With these resources in hand, you’ll unlock the potential of your armor and become an unstoppable force!

How to upgrade Solstice Armor

Looking good, Guardians.

Upgrading your Solstice armor is a permanent and shared experience. Each piece of armor you upgrade applies to all the Solstice armor for that slot. For the upgrade process, head to your character menu, inspect your Solstice armor, and apply Silver Ash to reroll the stats and focus on the specific attribute you desire. Now you’ll truly look like a legend!

Visit the EAZ

The fireteam that stays together, slays together.

The European Aerial Zone (EAZ) is the place to be during this event. Within the Tower, you’ll find this match-made activity where you and two other players will explore this unique zone. The EAZ is a collection of floating islands and wide-open arenas, so put on your best parkour moves and make use of the verticality. It’s time to conquer the skies and show off your Guardian skills!

Solstice buffs and how to play Bonfire Bash

Flare and Firebound buffs will demolish the enemies in front of you.

Enter the Bonfire Bash, the heart of the Solstice event. Your main goal here is to stoke the bonfire in the center of the EAZ. Look out for special GameTopicition Carrier enemies with a dazzling effect. Defeat them, and they’ll drop three orbs that need to be thrown into the fire. Remember, teamwork is crucial here, as a coordinated fireteam can grab all the orbs in time. The more orbs used, the better the rewards at the end. But beware, time is limited, and a Heat Drinker boss will arrive to challenge you. Defeat it, collect your rewards, and celebrate your triumph!

This year, teamwork is even more important, thanks to two exclusive event buffs. Stay close to your fireteam to activate Firebound, granting increased recovery and Super regeneration. Also, make use of Flare, which unleashes waves of paracausal energy when you swiftly dispatch enemies. So stick with your crew and unleash your true power!

Solstice Event Card challenges

To make the most of the event, take on the Solstice Event Card challenges. There are plenty of objectives to tackle, such as completing the Bonfire Bash activity, collecting Silver Ash, defeating GameTopicition Carriers and Prismatic Taken, and stoking flames in the bonfire. Put your skills to the test and achieve greatness! And don’t forget to check the Event Card often for extra rewards and to see what new gear you can add to your collection.

How to make your Solstice armor glow

Feel the glow.

Upgrade your Solstice armor with Kindling, and watch it glow with pride. If you’re feeling a bit impatient, you can also purchase glow effects from the Eververse store using Silver. Shine bright and show off your dazzling armor to the entire Destiny 2 universe!

How to earn the Flamekeeper seal and title

Solstice is your chance to earn the prestigious Flamekeeper title. Complete all the triumphs listed on the seal to claim this coveted honor. And if you’re seeking an extra challenge, go for the gilded seal by completing additional objectives. Become a true Flamekeeper and leave your mark on the Destiny 2 realm!

That’s all you need to know for an epic Solstice experience. Grab your fellow Guardians, dive into the festivities, and let the party begin! It’s time to celebrate your greatness, embrace teamwork, and become a legend in Destiny 2.

Article Source: GameSpot