Destiny 2’s Story: Crawling Towards the Conclusion

Bungie is bringing Destiny 2 to the climax of a 10-year story, and recent events haven't given us much reason to be invested.

Destiny 2 Needs to Step up Its Game Before Reaching the Final Shape

💥 Warning: This article includes spoilers for this week’s Season of the Wish story events in Destiny 2. You might want to finish it before reading further. 💥

Destiny 2, the popular online shooter game, is preparing for the conclusion of its 10-year story with The Final Shape. While the next big expansion has been delayed, Destiny 2 fans are eagerly awaiting the epic showdown with the Witness, the game’s biggest villain. But here’s the problem – instead of barreling towards this concluding chapter, we’re crawling.

The Season of the Wish, which is meant to tie up the story of Destiny 2, has left players wanting more. The game hasn’t properly set up the showdown with the Witness or shown the consequences of letting it go unchecked. In fact, the goals and actions of the Witness remain unclear. This lack of clarity and excitement isn’t just a problem with the Season of the Wish, it’s been a prevalent issue in Destiny 2’s storytelling since last year’s expansion, Lightfall.

😞 It’s Disappointing, to Say the Least

Let’s be honest, the past year of Destiny 2 has been disappointing in many ways. The Lightfall campaign failed to clearly define the goals of the game’s villains, leaving players confused. The Season of Defiance, focused on a Cabal invasion, quickly became stale and lost its impact. And the subsequent seasons, Witch and Wish, delivered anticlimactic events that lacked excitement.

⚡️ Where’s the Thrill?

Destiny 2 desperately needs a stronger narrative to build excitement and engagement before The Final Shape. The game can’t head into its final chapter on a downbeat note or expect players to tune in if it’s downright boring. The storytelling should inspire thrill and dread – the feeling of the universe hanging in the balance.

📜 Mysterious Terminologies and Lack of Stakes

One of the main issues is the lack of clarity surrounding key elements of the story. The Veil, the Pale Heart, and the Final Shape are all crucial, but their meanings and significance remain elusive. The game has also failed to effectively communicate the stakes involved or convey a sense of urgency. While Destiny 2 might be building towards a grand finale, the regular universe feels business as usual, with no imminent threat or reason to worry.

🌟A Ray of Hope Amidst the Dullness

This isn’t to say that Destiny 2’s seasonal stories have been all bad. Moments of character development and compelling storytelling have fueled interest in the game. However, the pacing and lack of stakes have hampered the overall impact. The story needs to go beyond lore tabs and provide a clear understanding of what’s at risk, how characters are dealing with it, and the potential consequences.

👉 Q&A Time: Additional Topics of Interest

Question: Will the delay of The Final Shape affect the story’s conclusion? Answer: The delay may be frustrating for fans, but it shouldn’t impact the overall conclusion of the story. Bungie, the developers behind Destiny 2, will likely use the extra time to refine and polish the gameplay experience.

Question: Are there any theories about the Witness and its goals? Answer: The true nature and goals of the Witness remain a mystery, leading to various speculations among players. Some believe the Witness seeks to manipulate the Traveler and ultimately reshape the universe. Others theorize that it desires to harness the power of darkness to dominate all existence.

Question: Will we see any major character conflicts in The Final Shape? Answer: While it’s unclear what specific conflicts will arise, there have been hints of potential inner strife among the Guardians. The upcoming finale might test their unity and force them to confront their own demons.

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