Destiny 2 update resolves frustrating issue in current season

Destiny 2 update resolves frustrating issue in current season

Destiny Update Deep Dives Just Got a Whole Lot Better!

A new Destiny update is available, and while it might seem like just another minor patch, don’t be fooled. This update is a game-changer for Deep Dives, one of the major modes introduced in Season of the Deep. Deep Dives has had its fair share of problems, but this update addresses one of the most frustrating issues.

Bungie has heard our cries and introduced join-in-progress for Deep Dives. Say goodbye to the frustration of players leaving mid-game and hello to reinforcements swooping in to save the day! No longer will you have to face the darkness alone. Now, even if your squadmates bail on you, brave guardians will fill their shoes, and together, you’ll conquer the Deep Dives.

Destiny Deep Dives

But why did people leave in the first place? Well, it seems not everyone was up for the challenge of the higher-difficulty Pressure Trials. Some folks were also disappointed when their comrades didn’t opt to dive into the hidden Exotic mission. And of course, some distractions, like internet disconnects, urgent bathroom breaks, or needy cats, caused premature departures. Talk about leaving you high and dry!

This exodus made the Deep Dives boss fight a nightmare for lone wolves or small groups. It was like trying to wrestle a Hive ogre with your bare fists, and it wasn’t pretty. And worst of all, even if you had a guardian angel friend willing to jump in, the old join-in-progress restriction held them back. You were stuck, choosing between a grueling uphill battle or starting from scratch, throwing away all the progress you had already made. It was enough to make any guardian contemplate early retirement from Deep Dives.

But fear not, fellow guardians, the times they are a-changin’. With the new join-in-progress feature, the odds of entering a Deep Dive and finding a well-rounded team have vastly improved. Finally, we can dive with a reasonable level of optimism, ready to face whatever ghastly challenges await us.

In addition to this monumental improvement, Destiny Update also takes care of pesky bugs plaguing the game. The Solstice event’s progress blockage has been removed, Bonfire Bash now grants experience for crafted weapons (huzzah!), and a seasonal challenge’s objectives have been clarified.

Check out the full patch notes below:

Destiny 2 Update Patch Notes


Deep Dives – Join-In-Progress has been enabled for Deep Dive activities during gameplay sections. No more facing the darkness alone!

Seasonal Activities – Fixed the number of surges/skulls applied to multiple Vanguard Ops Playlist activities & Seasonal activities. – Experience is now properly awarded for Weapon Crafting via Solstice Bonfire activity. – Player progression in Solstice is no longer blocked by completing the Kindling objective early.

Gameplay and Investment

Armor – Fixed an issue with Utility Kickstart that was allowing more class ability energy to be gained than intended.

Abilities – Fixed an issue that allowed players to cancel the activation of their Super by picking up a Diamond Lance during cast, causing them to regain ability energy.


  • Fixed an issue where people launchers would repeatedly play their SFX.
  • Clarified the objective text for Week 5 Seasonal Challenge “Battle Rhythm”—must earn progress in Ritual activities specifically.

With Destiny 2 Season 22 on the horizon, it’s anyone’s guess what awaits us in August. But for now, let’s enjoy the improved Deep Dives and revel in the camaraderie of fellow guardians as we face the darkness together. See you on the battlefield, guardians!

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