Diablo 4: Spirits Of The Lost Grove Walkthrough

Diablo 4: Spirits Of The Lost Grove Walkthrough

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There are five different classes in Diablo 4, each with their own unique features that set them apart. Once you reach level 15 with your chosen class, you’ll start unlocking these special class features that can greatly change your character build.

For Druids, you’ll unlock the Spirit Boons feature, which grants you powerful passive effects. By spending Spirit Offerings dropped from defeated monsters, you can increase the power of your Spirit Boons. Now let’s dive into how you can complete the Spirits of the Lost Grove Quest and unlock the Druid’s Spirit Boon feature.

How To Unlock Spirits Of The Lost Grove Quest

Tur Dulra Location

Once you hit level 15, you’ll automatically accept the quest Spirits of the Lost Grove. But before you can embark on this epic quest, you must first clear out the notorious Tur Dulra Stronghold.

Tur Dulra is tucked away in the wild west of Scosglen, just west of the Cerrigar Waypoint. Brace yourself for a challenging fight through the Stronghold. The enemies here can be quite tough, especially if you’re fighting at level 15. Consider bringing along a couple of friends if you find yourself in a bind.

After you’ve vanquished the threat in Tur Dulra and reignited the Wanderer’s Shrine, you’re ready to move on to the main quest.

How To Complete The Spirits Of The Lost Grove Quest


Now that you’ve reclaimed the Stronghold, you should seek out the wise Druid Ardreth to initiate the Spirits of the Lost Grove quest. Your first task will be to locate the shrine of Gathlen.

Gathlen’s Shrine can be found southwest of the Firebreak Manor Waypoint, nestled in the heart of southern Scosglen. Interact with the two mysterious Druid Stones and the Spirit Lord Altar, then prepare yourself to face the Tormented Spirit Lord that emerges.

Next, head north from the shrine to the Abandoned Grove. As you arrive, hordes of wild Goatmen will surround you. Take them down and approach the Flesh Imprisoned Spirit Lord at the center of the grove to free the trapped Spirit Lord Gathlen.

Console the suffering Spirit Lord, and a magnificent skull will materialize. Grab hold of this eerie relic and make your way back to Tur Dulra using the convenient Waypoint system. Return to Druid Ardreth and have a chat with him. Finally, place the Skull of the Stag Lord on the altar behind Druid Ardreth. With this act, the quest will be complete, and you’ll gain the ability to make Spirit Offerings to each of the Spirits.

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