Diablo 4: Way of the Three Guide

Diablo 4: Way of the Three Guide

The Mysterious Way of the Three Quest in Diablo 4

Are you ready to embark on a secret side quest in Diablo 4 that will leave your mind blown? Get ready to uncover the hidden quest “Way of the Three” that even the most seasoned players may have missed. This quest is so elusive that it’s not listed in the game’s quest log, and there’s no specific NPC to guide you. It’s like finding a needle in a haystack, but fear not, brave adventurer, for I shall reveal the secrets to starting this extraordinary quest.

How to Begin the Way of the Three Quest

Forget about speaking to NPCs or finding random items – this quest requires a different approach. The Way of the Three quest will only commence once you locate and interact with three statues representing the mighty Baal, the notorious Mephisto, and the diabolical Diablo. But beware, these statues are hidden in plain sight, so keep those eyes peeled! Once you find the statues, there’s a special emote you need to perform – use the “Cheers” emote like you’re toasting to victory!

Baal’s Statue

The first statue you need to find is Baal’s. It can be found lurking inside the Altar of Ruin, which is conveniently located north of the Iron Wolves Encampment. But be prepared for a surprise! Cheer in front of the statue and observe if the globe in its hand reacts. If it does, congratulations, you’ve activated Baal’s statue!

Diablo’s Statue

Now, let’s move on to Diablo’s statue, which is nestled within the Altar of Terror. To reach it, head northeast of Gea Kul, where a lively event might be taking place. Don’t worry about completing the event; all you need is the statue. Look for Diablo’s statue by following the alcove behind the two elevated jump points. Once you’ve found it, watch Diablo’s hands closely. If they come alive, you’ve successfully activated Diablo’s statue!

Mephisto’s Statue

The last statue belongs to the notorious Mephisto, and it’s the trickiest one to spot. You’ll need to teleport to Denshar in the southwestern Field of Hatred and navigate the ruins just outside the town’s entrance. Among the rubble and sand, you’ll find the ruined statue of Mephisto. Give it a cheer, and watch as its eyes light up with a vibrant blue flame. Congrats! Mephisto’s statue is now activated!

The Grand Finale

Once you’ve activated all three statues, a blue quest marker will magically appear to the east of the Imperial Library Waypoint in the vibrant city of Caldeum. Follow the marker and discover an Unknown Altar near the Gates to Hell. Prepare yourself for a portal that will transport you to a secret cultist base where a diabolical ritual has gone horribly wrong. Engage in battle with the enemies that lurk within and claim your reward – the legendary Hellfire Hauberk! This rare chest piece boasts Ultimate Damage, Close Damage Reduction, and % Total Armor. It’s a treasure fit for a true hero!

Now, arm yourself and embark on this epic journey in Diablo 4, available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. May the loot be ever in your favor!