Disney Dreamlight Valley: DreamSnaps Guide

Disney Dreamlight Valley: DreamSnaps Guide

DreamSnaps: Capture and Share the Magic in Disney Dreamlight Valley!

Welcome to the wonderful world of DreamSnaps, an exciting feature in Disney Dreamlight Valley that lets you capture and share memorable moments within the valley. Every week, you’ll be treated to unique, themed prompts that challenge your creativity and offer fantastic rewards! And that’s not all – we’ve also added a beloved Disney character and a new type of currency, Pixel Dust, to make your DreamSnaps experience even more magical.

Unlocking and Using DreamSnaps

To unlock the DreamSnaps feature, you’ll need to complete the quest, “The Haunting of Dreamlight Valley.” Don’t worry, it’s automatic upon logging into the game. Just speak with Scrooge and then meet up with Vanellope in the Dream Castle. Once you’ve completed the quest, you’ll unlock the DreamSnaps feature in the game’s Photo Mode and gain access to the weekly DreamSnaps event.

Using DreamSnaps is easy! Simply follow these steps:

  1. Accept Vanellope’s quest, “Faith, Trust, and Pixel Dust.”
  2. Take out your Camera and open Photo Mode.
  3. Capture a photo using the hotkey featured in the bottom left corner.
  4. After taking the photo, select “Show DreamSnaps” with the appropriate hotkey.

Remember, you’ll need to meet the challenge requirements displayed in the top left corner of your photo. And keep in mind that photos featuring modified clothing or furniture via the Touch of Magic feature are a no-no.

Participating in Weekly Challenges

Every Wednesday at 1 PM UTC, a new DreamSnaps challenge begins! The challenge comes with a specific theme, offering a fresh new excitement for you each week. To check the current challenge and its requirements, simply open the game menu, click on the Event tab, or browse through Photo Mode, Wardrobe, or Furniture menus.

To participate in the challenge, make sure your photo meets the minimum requirements outlined in the challenge details. You can filter for items that match the theme in the Furniture and Wardrobe menus, but remember, you won’t see how many points each item earns you until the end of the week.

Speaking of points, featuring items that match the theme in your photo submission will earn you points. However, items modified using the Touch of Magic feature cannot be submitted. So, let your creativity shine and capture stunning shots that will impress the DreamSnaps community!

By participating in DreamSnaps events and submitting a photo, you’ll earn a minimum of 300 Moonstones each week, along with bonus items like articles of clothing. Oh, and don’t forget to vote on a photo! You’ll receive an additional 50 Moonstones as a one-time reward. Rewards will be delivered via in-game mail after the challenge ends each Wednesday.

Community Challenge and Voting

Now, here’s where the community comes together. Each week’s DreamSnaps event features a community challenge where players can vote on photo submissions. The players with the most votes in the challenge can earn up to 5500 Moonstones, along with various rewards. Get ready to express your creativity and aim for the top five photographers of the week!

Remember, challenges may feature secret theme objectives, so keep an eye out for those hidden points boosters. You never know what will give your photo that extra magic!

What is Pixel Dust Used For?

Pixel Dust is the currency you earn by participating in DreamSnaps challenges. This special currency fills up a progress bar, unlocking exclusive items and rewards on your journey. As you earn Pixel Dust, your DreamSnaps level increases, and you’ll receive rewards at each new level. These rewards include clothing, furniture, Moonstones, and more. You can keep track of your DreamSnaps level in the top right corner of the DreamSnaps menu.

To maximize your Pixel Dust earnings, make sure you’re taking the best possible photos for your weekly challenge. Go all out by including high-quality themed furniture and clothing in your shots. Show us what you’ve got!

Are you ready to embark on a magical journey filled with creativity, community, and rewards? Grab your camera, step into Disney Dreamlight Valley, and let the DreamSnaps adventures begin!

Disney Dreamlight Valley is available now on Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. Start capturing your Disney magic today!

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