Disney Dreamlight Valley: Fame Walkthrough

Disney Dreamlight Valley: Fame Walkthrough

Disney Dreamlight Valley: The Price of Fame Quest Guide

Welcome to Disney Dreamlight Valley, where you can embark on enchanting quests and experience thrilling activities in an engaging world. In this guide, we’ll delve into “The Price of Fame” friendship quest with Remy, the lovable rat chef from Ratatouille. Get ready to serve customers in his restaurant and raise your friendship level! So, put on your chef hat and let’s get cooking!

Speak With Remy

To begin “The Price of Fame” quest, you need to reach friendship level seven with Remy. Once achieved, have a chat with him. Remy will explain that his restaurant is a huge hit, but he needs some assistance due to an overwhelming number of customers. That’s where you come in!

However, there’s a twist. Remy has certain standards to maintain, and all workers must wear proper attire. Don’t worry, though – Remy will provide you with a stylish chef uniform to slip into before you start lending a hand.

Serve the Requested Meals

Disney Dreamlight Valley

Enter the bustling restaurant and have another conversation with Remy. He will reveal that you need to serve three specific meals to customers. You can’t just bring any random dish to their table – you must fulfill their exact requests.

But wait, there’s more to it than just delivery! You also have to personally cook the meals. For example, if a customer orders a delectable Cheesecake, head to a cooking station and select the recipe from the menu. Gather the required ingredients – cheese, sugarcane, wheat, and fruit – and press that “Start Cooking” button. Once the dish is ready, choose the “I have your order” option to serve it.

While the arrival timing of customers is fairly random, some characters have their own schedules. Keep an eye out for Goofy, who often shows up for lunch, or Merlin, who is a regular in the morning and at night.

But don’t worry if you miss a customer during their usual time. In Disney Dreamlight Valley, time follows the setting on your system. So, if it’s 9 pm in your world, it’s nighttime in the Valley too. You can tweak the in-game time to your advantage – just change your system time to match the desired hour. For example, manually setting it to 2 o’clock can help you catch Donald and Mickey at the restaurant.

Talk to Remy

After successfully serving three orders, make your way back to Remy and have a final conversation. He will express his gratitude for your invaluable assistance, and with that, “The Price of Fame” quest comes to a close. As a reward, you’ll receive a generous 880 friendship XP.

Remember, adventure awaits in Disney Dreamlight Valley, available on Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. So put on your chef hat, sharpen your cooking skills, and enjoy the magic!

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