Disney Dreamlight Valley: House Customization Guide

Disney Dreamlight Valley: House Customization Guide

Disney Dreamlight Valley: Customizing Your Dream House!

It’s time to make your mark in Disney Dreamlight Valley! Customize your house to stand out from the rest and create the town of your dreams. From moving your house to changing its color and even buying exclusive house skins, the possibilities are endless! So, let’s dive into the world of customization and make your dream house a reality!

It’s More Than Just Decoration!

Town decoration is so yesterday! In Disney Dreamlight Valley, you can take it to the next level! Personalize your village life by customizing your dream house. Trees, park benches, and pathways are just the beginning. We’re talking about the ultimate house makeover!

Disney Dreamlight Valley

Moving Your House

Why settle for one location when you can move your house wherever you want? That’s right! In Disney Dreamlight Valley, you have the power to relocate your house and create your perfect living space. Time for a beach house or a cozy winter retreat!

To move your house: 1. Enter Furniture mode. 2. Select your house like any other building. 3. Start the exciting process of moving your dream house!

Expanding Your Home

Your humble abode may be small at first, but it’s about to get a major upgrade. Expand your home to unlock new rooms, floors, and even house skins! Get ready to unleash your creativity and design the house of your dreams!

Expanding Your Home

To expand your home, interact with the Scrooge construction outside of your house. This will increase the size of your main floor and unlock new customization options. You can also add extra rooms and even an additional floor!

House Upgrades

Upgrade Cost
Upgrade 1 2,000 Star Coin
Upgrade 2 20,000 Star Coin
Upgrade 3 75,000 Star Coin

Additional Rooms

Room Size Cost
6×6 1,000 Star Coin
8×8 2,000 Star Coin
10×10 3,000 Star Coin

Changing The Color Of Your House

Why settle for a basic color when you can have all the colors of the rainbow? Awaken your inner artist and give your house a unique touch! In Disney Dreamlight Valley, you can change the color of your house to match your personal style.

To change the color of your house: 1. Enter Furniture mode. 2. Select your house and use the Middle Mouse Button or the delete button to access the color options. 3. Choose from five different color schemes and let your house shine!

House Color Options

House Color Roof Color
White house Pink roof
Light green house Dark green roof
Light purple house Dark purple roof
Orange house Red roof
Yellow house Blue roof

How To Buy House Skins

Ready to take your house customization to the next level? Enter the Premium Item Shop and discover the world of exclusive house skins. Stand out with unique designs that will make your neighbors green with envy!

House Skins

In the Premium Item Shop, you can find a variety of stunning house skins. However, these beauties come at a price. Make sure your player house is fully upgraded before exploring this exciting customization option.

So far, the Premium Item Shop has showcased Dream Style house skins such as Mike and Sulley’s Apartment, Prince Eric’s Ship, a Purple Cottage, a Palace, and the Sweet House. Indulge yourself and make your dream house a reality!

To buy a house skin: 1. Enter Furniture mode. 2. Select your house. 3. Use the Replace button to explore the available house skin options.

Moonstone – The Key To Customization

Moonstone is the currency of choice when it comes to unlocking the best customization options. While earning Moonstones can be time-consuming, it’s worth it for that extra touch of personalization!

Earn Moonstones: – Around 50 Moonstones are obtainable daily. – Look out for the blue chest that spawns in your valley every day. – Collect Moonstone from the Star Path by exchanging Star Path tokens.

Pro Tip: If you’re in a hurry to get your hands on some Moonstones, you can purchase them with real currency.

That’s all folks! It’s time to let your imagination run wild and turn your dream house into a reality. Customize, explore, and create the most magical living space in Disney Dreamlight Valley!

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