Disney Dreamlight Valley: Peanuts Guide

Disney Dreamlight Valley: Peanuts Guide

Peanuts Galore in Disney Dreamlight Valley!


Hey there, aspiring chefs of Disney Dreamlight Valley! If you’re wondering where to get your hands on some crunchy peanuts, you’ve come to the right place. This guide will show you how to unlock and obtain those delightful legumes that squirrels adore. So let’s shell out the details, shall we?

A Nutty Quest with Remy

To buy peanuts in Disney Dreamlight Valley, make your way to the kitchen of Chez Remy, where the iconic rat chef himself runs a store stocked with culinary delights. But hold your horses! Before you can purchase those peanuts, you need to complete the quest called “Remy’s Recipe Book.” This quest becomes available when you reach Friendship Level 4 with Remy and have unlocked the Dazzle Beach biome. Don’t forget to lend a hand to Merlin to progress the story. Trust us, Merlin’s quests are worth it!

squirrel with peanuts

Why Peanuts Matter

You might be wondering, what’s the big deal with peanuts in Disney Dreamlight Valley? Well, let us enlighten you, my friend! Firstly, peanuts are squirrel superfood. These critters go nuts for them! By feeding squirrels peanuts, you can increase their friendship level. Once their friendship is maxed out, they’ll become your trusty companions, following you everywhere you go in the valley. How cute is that?

But wait, there’s more! Peanuts are also essential for several cooking recipes in the game. They fall into the “Dairy & Oil” category, so they’re perfect for filling the wildcard ingredient slot in those recipes. Here are a few recipes you can whip up with peanuts:

Recipe Rating Ingredients Energy Restored Sell Price
Peanut Butter Sandwich ★★ Peanut, Wheat 592 Energy 262 Star Coins
Peanut Butter Waffles ★★★★ Peanut, Wheat, Egg, Milk 1938 Energy 978 Star Coins
Smoked Peanuts and Anglerfish ★★ Anglerfish, Peanut 3960 Energy 2210 Star Coins

peanut butter waffles

The Hunt for Ingredients

In Disney Dreamlight Valley, most cooking ingredients can be obtained through farming and foraging. However, peanuts can only be bought from Remy’s Store for a mere 200 Star Coins per bag. Remember, though, you can only access this exciting legume deal after completing the quest, “Remy’s Recipe Book.” Don’t worry, it’s peanuts compared to the rest of your culinary journey!

So grab those peanuts, befriend some squirrels, and whip up delicious peanut-infused recipes! Disney Dreamlight Valley awaits your culinary magic. Available now on Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. Happy cooking!

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