Disney Dreamlight Valley: Remy Character Guide (Unlocking, Quests, Schedule & More)

Disney Dreamlight Valley: Remy Character Guide (Unlocking, Quests, Schedule & More)

Disney Dreamlight Valley: Get Cooking with Remy, the Rat Chef!

Remy in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Welcome to the delightful world of Disney Dreamlight Valley! Journey through this magical game filled with beloved characters from Disney movies like Toy Story, Frozen, and Cinderella. And who better to join you on your adventure than the one and only Remy, the rat chef from Ratatouille? Get ready to unlock Remy and embark on exciting quests throughout Dreamlight Valley!

Unlock the Ratatouille Realm and Unleash Remy’s Culinary Magic!

Once you’ve unlocked the Ratatouille Realm within the Dream Castle, you’re one step closer to discovering the wonders of Remy’s world. Complete the quest “An Important Night at the Restaurant” to unlock Remy and get ready to cook up some fun.

But hold on, there’s more! When you first start playing Dreamlight Valley, you can choose one of three starting realms: Ratatouille, Moana, or Wall-E. The best part? You can unlock Remy, Moana, or Wall-E for free! Just explore the other two realms to expand your horizons and unlock more incredible characters.

Chez Remy in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Catch Remy While He’s Awake and Cooking!

Remy may have his own sleep schedule, but he’s always there to oversee your cooking adventures in his restaurant’s kitchen. From 10 PM to 6 PM the next day, Remy is up and about, ready to interact with you. Find him in his restaurant or exploring the magical biomes of Dreamlight Valley. Whether you’re presenting him with gifts or engaging in delightful conversation, these active hours are your chance to boost your Friendship with Remy and discover extra bonuses when he becomes your companion at Friendship Level 2.

When it’s time for Remy to catch some Zzzs, that’s from 6 PM to 10 PM. During these hours, Remy rests in his massive mansion, so no quests or interactions are possible until he wakes up at 10 PM.

Hungry for Remy’s Cuisine? Here’s When to Visit Chez Remy!

For a taste of Remy’s culinary prowess, head on over to Chez Remy during his restaurant hours: 1 AM to 5 AM and 11 AM to 2 PM. While Remy won’t be dining at his own restaurant (he’s too busy being an amazing chef!), you can still chat with him, give him gifts, and complete quest objectives.

Join Remy’s Friendship Quests and Reap the Rewards!

Remy Friendship Quests

Befriending Remy is a recipe for fun! As you grow closer to Dreamlight Valley’s star chef, get ready for additional quests alongside your normal Friendship progression. Here are the fantastic quests you can embark on with Remy:

  • An Important Night at the Restaurant: Welcome Remy to Dreamlight Valley.
  • A Restaurant Makeover: Unlock Remy’s Restaurant.
  • Remy’s Recipe Book: Unlocked at Friendship Level 4.
  • The Price of Fame: Unlocked at Friendship Level 7.
  • The Unknown Flavor: Unlocked at Friendship Level 10.
  • A Three-Course Thank-You: Unlock upon collecting Remy’s Bag of Ingredients in the Forest of Valor.

Get Rewarded with Remy’s Friendship!

With each new Friendship Level you achieve with Remy, he’ll shower you with unique rewards. Reach Friendship Level 10, and you’ll receive Remy’s ultimate reward, the “Best Chef” Shelf. Take a look at the rewards table below:

Friendship Level Reward Type
2 Oven and Hood Furniture
3 Dessert Chef Remy Motif
4 500 Star Coins Currency
5 Fruits Poster Furniture
6 Dishwasher Costume: Remy Motif
7 1000 Star Coins Currency
8 Off-Shoulder Bag Clothing
9 Rat & Spoon Wall Decor Motif
10 Remy’s “Best Chef” Shelf Furniture

So, grab your apron and get ready to create magical moments with Remy in Disney Dreamlight Valley! Available on Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. Let’s cook up some fun and make lifelong memories in this enchanting world!