Disney Dreamlight Valley: Restaurant Makeover Walkthrough

Disney Dreamlight Valley: Restaurant Makeover Walkthrough

There’s only one fictional rat who packs titanic cooking skills in a tiny body, and that’s Remy from the movie Ratatouille. With his amazing sense of smell and passion for cooking, Remy can cook any dish he sets his mind to, but the Forgetting still took away his memories of Disney Dreamlight Valley.

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It’s up to you to help him get his restaurant in shape and bring his cooking skills back to the Valley. Here’s how to complete his first friendship quest, A Restaurant Makeover, and unlock Chez Remy!

How To Begin The Quest


In order to begin this quest, you must have unlocked the Ratatouille realm, completed Remy’s introduction quest, and progressed through Scrooge’s first two quests.

Once you’ve met the requirements, talk to Remy, and he’ll talk about wanting to re-open his restaurant, Chez Remy. Accept the quest, follow him to the entrance, and go inside.

How To Obtain The Restaurant Kit


Speak to Remy again, and he’ll remark that the restaurant is completely empty, and it’ll need to be refurnished before he can open it.

You’ll need to go to Scrooge’s store and speak with him. He’ll task you to deliver something to Merlin, starting the quest Customers Know Best, and giving you 2000 Star Coins as part of it. He’ll also inform you that he’s now providing a delivery service.

Ask to order something, select the furniture option, and you’ll see a special requests tab with a picture of Remy. Go into this tab and order the Restaurant Kit, then return to Remy at the restaurant.

How To Restock The Restaurant


Once you’ve spoken to Remy again and given him the kit, he’ll ask you to bring some ingredients to help him start up his business. You’ll need to collect 10 Oregano, 15 Carrots, 15 Raspberries, and 25 Wheat. Here’s where to get them:

  • Like flowers, Oregano can be found growing randomly within the Plaza.
  • Carrots can be grown with carrot seeds purchased from Goofy’s stall, once upgraded at least once or twice, or found when removing Night Thorns from the Plaza or Peaceful Meadows. They can also be purchased in limited supply from Goofy’s stall on some days.
  • Raspberries are found growing on raspberry bushes. One bush is located within the Plaza near Mickey’s house, and there are several others in the Plaza and Peaceful Meadows.
  • Wheat is grown from seeds purchased at Goofy’s stall, once it’s upgraded at least once, and can also be occasionally bought from his stall in limited amounts.

Once you’ve collected and farmed all the required items, bring them back to Remy in the restaurant to proceed.

Opening The Restaurant


Speak to Remy inside the restaurant, then you’ll need to follow him outside. Talk to him again, reassure him he has salt, then a short cutscene will play where the restaurant is transformed and opened up.

Go back inside and speak to Remy one last time to complete the quest.

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