Disney Dreamlight Valley: Skull Rock Quest Walkthrough

Disney Dreamlight Valley: Skull Rock Quest Walkthrough

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Disney Dreamlight Valley is no ordinary game. It’s a magical experience packed to the brim with wacky adventures. From farming and cooking to crafting and decorating, there’s never a dull moment in this vibrant world. Plus, you get to hang out with all your favorite Disney characters! How cool is that?”

“Wondering what to do next? Look no further! We’ve got you covered with our handy guide to Between A Skull Rock And A Hard Place. This quest is part of a larger story update in Patch 1.5, so buckle up for an epic ride!”

How To Begin Between A Skull Rock And A Hard Place

Approximate location of the Unity Orb

“Ready for some serious questing? First things first, complete the previous quest, The Dark Castle. Once you’ve conquered the castle, you’ll find yourself in possession of the coveted Orb of Unity. Talk about an upgrade! Now, you can easily teleport to it with the glowing square next to the castle’s first door.”

How To Activate The Puzzle

Placing the Unity Orb in the Pillar of Unity

“Alright, it’s puzzle time! Take your Orb of Unity and head over to Dazzling Beach. There, you’ll find the Pillar of Unity on a small island near Skull Rock. Put your magical orb into the pillar, and watch as the quest springs to life! Look out for the seven glowing symbols that appear around the pillar. They’re the key to unlocking the puzzle!”

Seven glowing symbols around the pillar

“Recognize these symbols? That’s right! They match the previous orbs you’ve placed in other pillars scattered around the Valley. To solve the puzzle, you’ll need to move the pillars into the correct spots. If you haven’t moved them before, don’t worry! You can easily rearrange them in the Furniture menu. Just make sure they’re all around the Orb of Unity this time!”

How To Solve The Puzzle

Placing the pillars in Furniture mode

“Time to put your decorator skills to the test! Start at the front side of the Pillar of Unity, facing away from Dazzling Beach. Here’s the plan: place the Pillar of Love on the lower left symbol, followed by the Pillar of Remembrance on the lower right. Then, right next to Remembrance, plop down the Pillar of Nurturing. You might need to do some rearranging, but hey, it’s all part of the fun!”

Correct locations for the pillars

“Now, let’s tackle the upper section. In the upper right corner, place the Pillar of Trust. In the upper middle, the Pillar of Friendship. And in the upper left, the Pillar of Power. We’re almost there! Last but not least, put the Pillar of Courage in the middle left spot. Voila! Puzzle solved! You’re a true mastermind.”

How To Complete The Quest

Speaking to Merlin after the cutscene

“Things are about to get exciting! Once you’ve placed the pillars in their correct spots and exited the Furniture menu, get ready for a mind-blowing cutscene. Skull Rock will start shaking, and smoke will billow out of its mouth. Talk about dramatic! Now it’s time to find Merlin and spill the beans. He’ll need some time to research the situation, but don’t worry. This quest marks the end of the line… for now!”

“Congratulations on completing Between A Skull Rock And A Hard Place. You’ve triumphed over the puzzle and set the stage for more thrilling adventures. Keep your eyes peeled for the next quest, because the Disney Dreamlight Valley saga is just getting started!”

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