Disney Dreamlight Valley: Vanellope Character Guide (Unlocking, Quests, Schedule & More)

Disney Dreamlight Valley: Vanellope Character Guide (Unlocking, Quests, Schedule & More)

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The immersive world of the life simulation game Disney Dreamlight Valley is like stepping into a magical Disney movie. With characters from The Lion King, The Little Mermaid, Frozen, and more, it’s a dream come true for Disney fans. And now, the spunky speedster Vanellope von Schweetz from Wreck-It Ralph has joined the game!

How To Unlock Vanellope In Dreamlight Valley

Unlock Vanellope

Unlocking Vanellope is as easy as pie…or should I say “pixel dust”? Simply complete the quest called “Faith, Trust, and Pixel Dust.” But before that, you need to finish the prerequisite quest called “The Haunting of Dreamlight Valley.” Just make sure your character is Level 5 and has completed Merlin’s introductory quests, and you’re good to go!

When To Find Vanellope In Dreamlight Valley

Find Vanellope

In Dreamlight Valley, all characters have their own schedules…except Merlin. That guy is always awake, probably because he drinks too much coffee. But let’s talk about Vanellope, shall we?

When is Vanellope Awake? Vanellope is a night owl, awake between 11 AM and 7 AM. During these hours, you can find her roaming around the valley or chilling in her cozy home. Feel free to have a chat, give her gifts, and watch your Friendship level rise. Plus, if you make her your companion at Friendship Level 2, she’ll bring some awesome bonuses!

When is Vanellope Asleep? From 7 AM to 11 AM, Vanellope is catching some Zs in her home. Unfortunately, you can’t disturb her beauty sleep during this time. So don’t bother knocking on her door or asking her for quests until she rises at 11 AM. Just be patient, my friend.

When is Vanellope in Remy’s Restaurant? If you’re craving some delicious food and Vanellope happens to be a Food Network junkie, head over to Remy’s Restaurant between 5 AM and 7 AM, or between 5 PM and 7 PM. You can serve her requested dish and earn some sweet Friendship points. Just check the bubble above her head for her order. Bon appétit!

All Vanellope Friendship Quests

Vanellope Friendship Quests

Once Vanellope is a part of your Dreamlight Valley crew, it’s time to level up your Friendship! Completing the “Faith, Trust, and Pixel Dust” quest will instantly boost your Friendship Level with Vanellope to 2. But that’s just the beginning! Here are all the quests you’ll unlock as your Friendship grows:

  • “Faith, Trust, and Pixel Dust” – Welcomes Vanellope to Dreamlight Valley
  • “Extreme Biome Makeover” – Unlocked at Friendship Level 2
  • “Ready Player Fun” – Unlocked at Friendship Level 4
  • “Boss Up” – Unlocked at Friendship Level 7
  • “Fungeons and Dragons” – Unlocked at Friendship Level 10

Get ready for some exhilarating adventures with Vanellope!

All Vanellope Friendship Rewards

Vanellope Friendship Rewards

As your Friendship with Vanellope grows, so do the rewards! Each Friendship Level comes with a unique and awesome reward. And when you reach Friendship Level 10, brace yourself for the ultimate reward: Vanellope’s Sugar Rush Racer! Here’s a sneak peek at all the Friendship Rewards along the way:

Friendship Level Reward Type
2 Icing Socks Clothing
3 DesGameTopic: Candy Trees Motif
4 500 Star Coins Currency
5 Neapolitan Racing Jacket Clothing
6 DesGameTopic: Candy Tiles Motif
7 1000 Star Coins Currency
8 Sugar Rush Arcade Cabinet Furniture
9 DesGameTopic: Vanellope Portrait Motif
10 Vanellope’s Sugar Rush Racer Furniture

So keep raising your Friendship level with Vanellope and unlock these fantastic rewards!

Disney Dreamlight Valley is available on multiple platforms, including the Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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