Disney Illusion Island Quest Guide

Disney Illusion Island Quest Guide

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Disney Illusion Island has many Quests that will test your platforming skills and put you through various challenges. From hazards to mini-puzzles and boss encounters, there’s always something new to keep you on your toes. Plus, completing quests will reward you with new abilities, adding even more excitement to the game.

Disney Illusion Island: Into The Sky Below Tasks

But what if all these elements were combined into one quest? Well, say hello to the “Into The Sky Below Quest”! It’s the longest and most challenging quest in Disney Illusion Island. Get ready for a platforming extravaganza!

Into The Sky Below Quest Overview

The “Into The Sky Below” quest is a rollercoaster ride of platforming goodness. With seven tasks to complete, this is not for the faint of heart. It has everything from new abilities to locked doors and a challenging boss encounter. So buckle up and prepare for the adventure of a lifetime!

Into The Sky Below Tasks

  1. Leave MOPs
  2. Head To Crescent Hamlet Shore
  3. Deep Dive Into The Shallows
  4. Deep Dive Into The Depths
  5. Deep Dive Into The Abyss
  6. Deep Dive To The Bottom
  7. Locate The Blockage In Sky Below

Leave MOPs Guide

“Our first task is to simply leave MOPs. Head out of the west exit, follow the corridor, and bump into Mazzy for the final time.”

To kick off the quest, we need to bid farewell to MOPs. After a heartfelt goodbye to Mazzy, it’s time to venture into the unknown. But not without acquiring some cool new abilities first! Mazzy will grant you the Deep Dive and Deep Dive Ram abilities. With the power of Moon Juice at your fingertips, you’re ready to dive into the adventure!

Head To Crescent Hamlet Shore Guide

“Returning to Hamlet Shore is a breeze. Just take the UFO-like teleporter back to Crescent Hamlet and follow the path you warped to when first visiting MOPs.”

Once you’ve bid farewell to MOPs, it’s time to head back to Crescent Hamlet Shore. Simply hop on the UFO-like teleporter and you’ll be back in no time. From there, it’s a straight shot to the area where you first entered MOPs. Soak in the beautiful scenery as you swim through the Moon Juice and embark on your next task!

Deep Dive Into The Shallows Guide

“Welcome to the Moon Juice! In this section, we’ll teach you how to swim underwater and use the Deep Dive Ram ability to smash through objects. It’s a tutorial, with hazards and glowing objects to navigate.”

As you dive into the Moon Juice, get ready for a tutorial like no other. It’s time to showcase your swimming skills and learn how to use the Deep Dive Ram ability. Brace yourself for hazards, glowing objects, and plenty of swimming fun. Just remember to stay focused and avoid those pesky hazards as you make your way to the next challenge!

Disney Illusion Island: Deep Dive Into The Depth Locked Door

Deep Dive Into The Depth Guide

Now it’s time for a classic locked door section. You’ll need to swim through the Moon Juice, find three keys, and unlock the door to progress further. Here’s how to get those keys:

Locked Door: First Key

As soon as you trigger this task, swim east and follow the pathway to a checkpoint. From there, make your way upward, then head west until you reach a point with branching paths. Follow the right path, take it past another checkpoint, and enter the room with the first key. Two red buttons will catch your eye—one in the top left and the other in the bottom right. Swim, jump, and Ground Pound your way through the buttons to remove the barriers obstructing the key. Once that’s done, swing up and claim your prize!

Locked Door: Second Key

Backtrack to the room with the checkpoint on the small patch of land. Then, head downward. You’ll encounter another checkpoint at the bottom, just before the room with the second key. Bounce, pound, jump, and glide your way through the platforms and bridges to reach the second key. It may sound tricky, but with some skillful maneuvering, you’ll have it in no time.

Locked Door: Third Key

After obtaining the second key, head back to the checkpoint on the small patch of land and make your way back into the Moon Juice. Travel downward and northwest until you reach a room with a swing point, a heart container, and a mischievous frog enemy. Navigate this room, activate star bridges, and smash through breakable floors to unveil the third and final key. You’re almost there!

Once you have all three keys in your possession, locate the locked door in the southwest corner of the room. Crack it open, follow the path to the southeast, and complete the task. The door is open, and adventure awaits!

Remaining Tasks Guide

Disney Illusion Island: Thief Boss Fight

With the locked door behind you, it’s time for the final stretch of the quest. You have three tasks remaining before the thrilling boss encounter. Let’s dive right in!

Deep Dive Into The Abyss Guide

The next two tasks will take you deeper into the Sky Below, immersing you in the Moon Juice like never before. Prepare yourself for hazardous environments and challenging enemies as you descend further downward. There won’t be many branching paths along the way, so keep your eyes on the prize—the abyss awaits!

Deep Dive To The Bottom Guide

Once you reach the abyss, your mission is to reach “The Bottom” of the Sky Below. Head south and descend further into the unknown. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can take a detour to the northeast and grab the region’s map piece. It’ll guide you to the next task—talk about a handy tool! Regardless of your detour, be prepared for platforming challenges and enemy encounters as you dive even deeper. The grand finale awaits!

Locate The Blockage In Sky Below Guide

After venturing into the abyss, you’ll stumble upon a blockage. And behind that blockage lies a boss encounter against Old Timer! This battle will put your newly acquired abilities to the test, so make sure you’re ready. Old Timer has three phases, each with its own unique challenges. Defeat Thief #3, and you’ll be rewarded with the Tome of Astronomy—a prize worthy of a true adventurer!

And there you have it—the epic adventure of the “Into The Sky Below Quest” in Disney Illusion Island. Get ready for platforming galore, exciting challenges, and a boss battle like no other. So grab your controller, put on your virtual adventuring hat, and embark on this thrilling quest. The Sky Below awaits, adventurer! Stay tuned for more exciting quests in Disney Illusion Island.

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