Hunting for Easter Eggs in Dying Light 2: A Guide to Unlocking the Doom Easter Egg

Discovering the Black Ducks in Dying Light 2 A Guide to Unlocking the Doom, Star Wars, and Zelda Easter Eggs.

Guide Dying Light 2 – Black Duck Locations

The Secret Altar Chamber in Dying Light 2 that unlocks Doom Easter Egg

Finding hidden Easter Eggs in games can be both exciting and challenging. And when it comes to Dying Light 2, unlocking the Doom Easter Egg by finding all five Black Ducks is no easy task. But fear not! We’re here to guide you through the process and help you discover Techland’s fantastic recreation of the iconic E1M1: Hangar map from Doom.

Updated January 13, 2024, by Sean Murray: We’ve updated this guide with improved formatting and more breakout tips to make finding those ducks to unlock the Doom Easter Egg easier than ever. So, let’s dive in and find those pesky ducks!

How To Find The Altar Chamber

To start your journey, you must first locate the Altar Chamber, which is hidden beneath the VNC Tower. Make sure you have completed the “Broadcast” quest to gain access to the tower for free exploration.

Once inside the VNC Tower, take the elevator to the basement level and dive into the water. Swim straight until you reach a yellow gate, then open it and continue swimming. When you emerge from the water, you’ll see a powered gate on the left and a semi-open door on the right. Choose the door on the right to find a new elevator. Take this elevator down to Level Zero, where you’ll discover the secret altar.

The basement level of the VNC Tower in Dying Light 2

In the secret altar room, you’ll find five tables, five power boxes, and five power cords. Each power box is linked to a Black Duck, but finding all five ducks is the real challenge. Remember, don’t use fast-travel to exit the secret room as it will leave you stranded with no way back. Trust us, there’s no other way leading to the altar.

All Five Black Duck Locations

Now that you know where to find the altar, it’s time to search for the elusive Black Ducks. Prepare yourself for a thrilling adventure as these ducks are cunningly hidden throughout Villedor. Here are the locations of all five ducks:

Black Duck #1 – Houndfield

The first Black Duck can be found in a highly contaminated area called Houndfield. Despite the surrounding danger, reach out for a big jump and make your way to the spot where the duck is sitting. Don’t worry; that particular spot is completely safe.

Black Duck #2 – The Wharf

You’ll spot the second Black Duck inside a sunken police car in The Wharf District. To reach it quickly, navigate your way to the Revenant Fight Arena, climb the northern wall with barbed wire, and locate the sunken police car from above.

Black Duck #3 – West Of Garrison District

The third Black Duck awaits you at the Mount Lucid Observatory. It’s nestled inside a watchtower located to the right of the observatory’s main entrance. Use your trusty grappling hook to ascend to the top and claim the duck.

Black Duck #4 – Lower Dam Ayre

Searching for the fourth Black Duck will lead you to a skull sitting on the docks, enjoying the breathtaking view of Newfound Lost Lands. Be cautious of the chemical waste surrounding it, and consider gliding to the duck if possible.

Black Duck #5 – VNC Tower

The fifth and final Black Duck can only be accessed from the rooftop of the VNC Tower. Head to the tower’s lobby and take the elevator to the rooftop. As you step outside the elevator, a blue perch will catch your eye. Jump off the perch and glide through the open window into the room below.

Inside the room, you’ll find the Black Duck hidden inside a safe. The code to unlock the safe is [6-6-6]. Don’t forget to grab the inhibitor container and other valuable resources. Once you have the final duck, make your way back to the basement by either jumping out of the room and gliding or by taking the elevator.

How To Unlock The Doom Easter Egg

After collecting all five Black Ducks, return to the Altar Chamber and place the ducks on the five tables. This will power the electric boxes and allow you to connect the cables, creating a pentagram. And just like magic, in the middle of the flaming room, a double-barrel shotgun will appear.

The Doom mini-game inside Dying Light 2

Interact with the double-barrel shotgun to unlock the E1M1 Combat Challenge, also known as the Doom Easter Egg. Embrace the nostalgia as Dying Light 2 transforms into a retro FPS reminiscent of the original Doom game. Keep in mind that the double-barrel shotgun comes with infinite ammo, but unfortunately, you can’t keep it once the challenge is over.

During the Doom Easter Egg challenge, most of your abilities and Nightrunner Tools will be stripped away. You won’t even be able to jump, but hey, that’s how the original Doom was! Your only weapon will be the double-barrel shotgun, which will help you fight off hordes of zombies while collecting valuable rewards.

But wait, there’s more! Inside the Doom mini-game, you’ll discover two unique blueprints and a letter to Doom’s creators. It’s not every day you get to use an actual firearm in Dying Light 2, and the Easter Egg is well worth the time and effort.

How To Unlock The Star Wars Easter Egg

As we mentioned earlier, the Doom Easter Egg contains two more hidden surprises. One of them lets you tap into the power of the Force and experience a Sith-like moment. In the Doom mini-game, keep an eye out for one of the crystals you need to collect. Underneath it, you’ll find the Dying Force blueprint, which grants you the Force Choke ability.

Star Wars Force Easter Egg in Dying Light 2

How To Unlock The Zelda Easter Egg

The second blueprint waiting for discovery is the Mistress Sword, reminiscent of Zelda’s iconic Master Sword. You’ll find this blueprint sitting on a box in a hallway illuminated by red lights. Crafting the Mistress Sword requires 369 scraps, but please note that it doesn’t do any damage.

Blueprint of Mistress Sword in Dying Light 2

So, don your adventurer’s cap and set out on this thrilling Easter Egg hunt in Dying Light 2. Unlocking the Doom Easter Egg, the Star Wars Easter Egg, and the Zelda Easter Egg will provide you with hours of fun and unique experiences within the game.

Remember, not everything is as it seems in the world of Dying Light 2. Hidden secrets and surprises await those who are willing to explore every nook and cranny. Have a blast, and may your journey be filled with joy and excitement!

Additional Q&A

Q: Are there any other Easter Eggs in Dying Light 2 besides the ones mentioned in this guide? A: Yes, there are many more Easter Eggs to discover in Dying Light 2. Keep exploring and interacting with the game’s world to uncover hidden references and surprises.

Q: Can I replay the Doom mini-game after completing it once? A: Unfortunately, the Doom mini-game can only be played once you unlock it by placing the Black Ducks in the Altar Chamber. There is currently no way to replay it once you’ve completed the challenge.

Q: Can I use the ability or weapon blueprints from the Easter Eggs in the main game? A: The abilities and weapons obtained from the Easter Eggs are typically exclusive to the respective mini-games or challenges. They cannot be used in the main game.

Q: Are there any other notable secrets or hidden content in Dying Light 2? A: Absolutely! Dying Light 2 is full of secrets and hidden content. From hidden areas to easter eggs referencing other games and movies, there’s always something new to discover. Keep your eyes open and explore every corner of the game.

Don’t forget to share your epic Easter Egg findings on social media using the hashtag #DyingLight2EasterEggs. Happy hunting, survivors!