EA Patents New Battle Pass System

EA Patents New Battle Pass System

A Twist in the Battle Pass: EA’s Inventive Approach

In the vast realm of live service games, battle passes have become a ubiquitous feature. We’ve seen them in popular titles like Apex Legends and Battlefield 2042. But in their pursuit of innovation, EA is looking to spice things up. Their latest patent unveils a battle pass system that offers multiple reward tracks, providing players with more freedom to choose their path to glory.

Ever since Fortnite revolutionized the concept of battle passes, other games like Destiny 2, Call of Duty, and Overwatch 2 have eagerly followed suit. But now, Electronic Arts is ready to take it to the next level. This patent introduces a unique battle pass experience that promises greater engagement and progression compared to its predecessors.

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This groundbreaking system allows players to chart their own course, akin to the likes of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, but with a twist. It offers a non-linear experience that branches out into different tracks. Imagine selecting a track that suits your playstyle, with one even being class-specific. Yes, you heard it right! In this new battle pass, each track stands on its own, with one particular lineup of rewards taking the center stage as the primary advancement track.

But wait, there’s more! EA wants to cater not only to the casual warriors but also to the hardcore competitors. Hence, they’ve included a competitive track that integrates players’ rankings. These tracks run parallel to each other, freeing fans to embark on the journey that resonates with their gaming style. For the casual players who sometimes struggle to complete a full battle pass, this customizable approach allows them to unlock the items they truly desire.

Here’s the exciting part: The EA patent reveals a visual representation where the battle pass appears as not one linear progression of cosmetics, but rather a collection of different lineups. This means players get to choose which assortment of rewards they want to chase. As for monetization, the patent does not disclose if this battle pass alternative would be sold separately from the standard one. However, it hints at tier skips possibly requiring in-game currency.

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