EA Sports FC 24 introduces first-person refs, could first-person Harry Kane be next?

EA Sports FC 24 introduces first-person refs, could first-person Harry Kane be next?

FIFA 24: Get Ready for the Ultimate Referee Experience


Hey gamers, have you ever wondered what it would be like to step into the shoes of a referee in a football match? Well, get ready for an immersive experience like never before in FIFA 24! EA Sports has taken their “innovate versus emulate” philosophy to the next level with a first-person referee perspective.

In the latest installment of the FIFA series, aptly named FIFA 24, you’ll not only see the action unfold from the player’s perspective, but also from inside the referee’s head! That’s right, you’ll witness the nail-biting moments of bookings and free kicks right from the eyes of the official. And hey, they even throw in the referee painting the pitch for those crucial free kick ball and wall placements. It’s like being in the game for real!

But what’s even more exciting is what EA Sports has planned for the future. According to senior game director and Man City fan, Matt Prior, the developers have been in talks with football broadcasters to bring us even more mind-blowing experiences. Imagine playing a replay of Harry Kane scoring a goal and seeing the exact thoughts racing through his head! Now that’s next-level gaming!

Of course, we won’t be getting a first-person player cam anytime soon. Let’s face it, that would be a bit impractical for gameplay. However, EA Sports is all about breaking boundaries and pushing the limits of innovation. They aim to bring us gaming experiences that were once unimaginable, and make them the norm in the future.

Rest assured, though, EA Sports knows better than to mess with the core gameplay experience. They understand the importance of keeping things clean and twitchy. They save the flashy gimmicks for the presentation side of things. So, while we may get inside a player’s head in replays or post-match analysis, the core gameplay remains as smooth as Lionel Messi’s dribbling.

But wait, there’s more! FIFA 24 doesn’t stop at revolutionizing the referee experience. It also introduces women players to the Ultimate Team for the first time, a move that EA is incredibly proud of. And if you’re a Nintendo Switch player, rejoice! The game is finally running on the powerful Frostbite game engine, providing you with a full-fat Ultimate Team experience.

So gear up, folks, because FIFA 24 is here to take you on a wild ride. Get ready to don the referee’s whistle, experience the game from a whole new perspective, and witness the FIFA franchise breaking boundaries like never before. Stay tuned for more updates and get your game face on!

Image credit: James Worsfold/Getty Images

Written by Wesley Yin-Poole, UK News Editor for GameTopic – find him on Twitter at @wyp100.