The Dodge Roll Dilemma: A Funny Encounter in Elden Ring

Surprising Move by Undead Foe in Encounter Between Elden Ring Player and Skeleton

In Elden Ring, a player encounters a hilarious skeleton that moves exactly like a tarnished one.

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A recent clip from Elden Ring has been making the rounds online, bringing a much-needed dose of humor to the game. In the clip, a player encounters a skeleton that seems to have perfected the art of dodge rolling, mimicking the actions of a fellow player. It’s a funny sight to behold, but it also raises an important point about the tactical use of dodge rolling in the game.

The Value of Dodge Rolling in Elden Ring

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Dodge rolling is an essential tool for evading attacks in Elden Ring. Regardless of how you choose to build your Tarnished character, there will come a time when you’ll need to dodge incoming strikes. The brief moment of invulnerability provided by dodge rolling can mean the difference between life and death. However, it’s crucial to remember that dodge rolling excessively can leave you vulnerable and drain your stamina, ultimately leading to punishment.

The Skeleton’s Dodging Antics

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In a humorous twist, it seems even enemies in Elden Ring are susceptible to the allure of dodge roll spamming. A player on Reddit shared a clip in which their Tarnished character faces off against a sword-wielding skeleton. To their surprise, the undead foe starts dodge rolling incessantly, circling the player in a frantic tumble for several seconds before attempting an attack. However, the player, quick-witted and unyielding, manages to parry the blow and swiftly dispatch the skeleton.

The Perils of Underestimating Lesser Enemies

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While much attention is understandably given to the notorious bosses in From Software’s Soulslike games, the regular foes that inhabit the Lands Between can pose significant challenges of their own. Even the most unlikely enemy can ruin a Tarnished player’s playthrough if they’re not careful. It serves as a reminder that underestimating any opponent in Elden Ring can lead to dire consequences.

Shadow of the Erdtree: An Upcoming DLC

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As the two-year anniversary of Elden Ring approaches, fans are eagerly anticipating what From Software has in store for them next. The game is set to receive a DLC expansion titled Shadow of the Erdtree, which has been shrouded in mystery. However, recent rumors suggest that the DLC could be released as soon as next month, teasing the possibility of exciting new challenges and discoveries for players in the game world.

Q&A: Going Beyond the Dodge Roll

Q: Are there other useful tactics besides dodge rolling in Elden Ring? A: Absolutely! While dodge rolling is effective, it’s essential to explore a variety of strategies. Blocking and parrying can be just as crucial in certain situations. Experiment with different weapons and abilities to find your preferred playstyle.

Q: How can I overcome challenging enemies in Elden Ring? A: Patience and perseverance are key. Study your foes’ attack patterns, learn their weaknesses, and adapt your tactics accordingly. Additionally, leveling up your character and upgrading your gear can provide a significant advantage in difficult encounters.

Q: When can we expect more information about Shadow of the Erdtree? A: While exact details remain scarce, rumors suggest that fans may get a proper look at the DLC as early as next month. Keep an eye on official announcements and stay tuned for exciting updates.

Q: Can I share my own funny or memorable moments from Elden Ring? A: Absolutely! The Elden Ring community thrives on the sharing of experiences. Don’t hesitate to share your epic battles, humorous encounters, or interesting discoveries on social media platforms and forums. Join the conversation and connect with fellow Tarnished!


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