Exoprimal game modes we know about

Exoprimal game modes we know about

The Many Wonders of Exoprimal Game Modes

Hey there, fellow Dinosaur Cull enthusiasts! If you’ve been enjoying the game as much as I have, you’ve probably been wondering about the different game modes available. Well, I’m here to help! According to Capcom, there are a whopping 11 game modes in Exoprimal. Now, I don’t know about you, but I’ve only managed to explore a few so far. Let’s dive into the juicy details of all the Exoprimal game modes and what they have to offer.

All Exoprimal Game Modes


But first, if you’re looking for the best exosuit to rock in Exoprimal, check out this Exoprimal tier list guide. It’ll give you some helpful insights.

Now, let’s delve into the meaty goodness of the different game modes waiting for you in Exoprimal. Brace yourselves, there are dinosaurs ahead!

1. Dinosaur Cull

Ah, the classic “kill everything” mode. In Dinosaur Cull, your mission is simply to defeat all the specific dinosaurs thrown your way. The more you conquer, the closer you get to completing the mode and moving on to the next thrilling challenge.

2. Dino Pursuit

Get ready for some exhilarating dinosaur chasing action! In Dino Pursuit, you’ll find yourself constantly on the move, tracking a target dinosaur that’s determined to evade your attempts to bring it down. But beware, other dinos will try to hinder your progress and make your life a little more complicated. Can you catch your prey?

3. VTOL Defense

Picture this: a crashed plane, a flurry of ferocious dinosaurs, and your mission is to protect the wreckage at all costs. Welcome to VTOL Defense, where you’ll have to defend the crash site from relentless dino attacks. Time to show those prehistoric creatures who’s boss!

4. Data Key Security

Prepare for an Overwatch-inspired experience in Data Key Security. In this mode, your job is to escort a payload called Data Key, a sturdy cube on a hovering platform, to its target destination. But beware, both dinosaur and enemy player attacks can damage and destroy it, so be on your guard and keep that payload safe!


5. Omega Charge

It’s time to wield the mighty ‘Omega Hammer’ and unleash destruction! Omega Charge requires you to use this powerful weapon to smash through barriers and obliterate any obstacles that stand in your way. Break, bash, and blast your way to victory!

6. Energy Taker

Are you ready for an electrifying challenge? In Energy Taker, players must collect and steal energy from their opponents. Keep your eyes on the prize and gather as much energy as you can. The player with the most energy at the end of the game reigns supreme!

7. Escort

In this mode, you’re tasked with protecting defenseless NPC characters as you navigate through the map. Stand firm against the waves of attacks and ensure the safety of those vulnerable souls. It’s your heroic duty!

8. Neo T. Rex

Gear up for a colossal showdown! Neo T. Rex is the ultimate boss fight where both teams must join forces to take down a mutated and supercharged T. Rex. This beast can unleash lasers and shockwaves, so gather your allies, strategize, and show this mega dino who’s the boss of the prehistoric world!


9. Vortexer Sabotage

In Vortexer Sabotage, players must destroy a vortex generator that’s summoning hordes of dinosaurs. Fight off wave after wave of vicious dinos, dismantle the device’s armor, and bring the chaos to a grinding halt. It’s sabotage time!

10. Area Defense

In Area Defense, your mission is to protect a small flagpole-like device from relentless dinosaur attacks for a set duration. This device can be damaged but fear not! Players can repair it by standing in a designated area. So, get your repair tools ready and defend that flagpole like a boss!

Get ready for some intense capture-the-flag action! In Uplink Control, your objective is to secure multiple uplinks scattered across the map to transmit crucial data. Beware of dinosaurs and enemy players lurking around, ready to halt your progress. Keep your wits about you and secure those uplinks!

And there you have it, folks! The splendid array of game modes offered in Exoprimal. So, gather your friends, sharpen your skills, and embark on a thrilling adventure through the world of dinosaurs. Happy hunting!

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