Fallout 4 Power Armor Guide: Repair, Modding, and Locations

Fallout 4 Power Armor Guide: Repair, Modding, and Locations

Fallout 4 Power Armor: A Guide to Rocking That Clunky Metal Suit

Want to wield the power of Fallout 4 Power Armor? Look no further! We’ve got all the tips and tricks to help you find, repair, and modify your trusty exoskeleton. So suit up and let’s dive into the wasteland!

Fallout 4 Power Armor Basics

You’ll receive your first set of Power Armor early on, just down the road from Sanctuary. Complete the quest “When Freedom Calls” in the Museum of Freedom, and voila – free Power Armor! But remember, this baby needs a Fusion Core to get moving, so be sure to have one handy.

Once you’re inside the Power Armor, you’ll experience a host of perks. You’ll take less damage, survive jumps from great heights unscathed, and radiation won’t bother you as much. Plus, you get to carry more loot without breaking a sweat. Just be aware that actions that use AP points will drain your Fusion Core, so save your Power Armor for those tough encounters.

Pro Tip: Don’t leave your Power Armor unattended with a Fusion Core installed. Anyone can jump right in and take it for a joyride. Either remove the core or let your settlers have a little raider-bashing fun.

Fallout 4 Power Armor Repairs

Now, let’s talk repairs. Head to a settlement with a Power Armor Station, like Sanctuary or the Red Rocket Truck Stop. Exit your Power Armor inside the yellow frame of the station and get ready to tinker.

Repairing your Power Armor is simple. Interact with the station and scroll through the list of parts. If a part is damaged, the repair option will be highlighted. Most repairs only require steel, which you can easily obtain by scrapping items around your settlements.

Pro Tip: Stock up on scrap before your crafting spree. You’ll need plenty of materials for those awesome Power Armor mods.

Fallout 4 Power Armor Mods

To craft the best Power Armor mods, you’ll need to invest in perks like Blacksmith, Armourer, and Science! These perks will unlock a world of customization options.

Upgrade your Power Armor by switching between models to enhance its base stats. Select material mods to give your entire suit special attributes. And don’t forget the misc mods! They can give your Power Armor that extra kick, like increased sprint speed.

Pro Tip: Need a new paint job? Check out the locations of the Hot Rodder magazines to unlock some killer styles for your Power Armor.

Types of Power Armor

Now, let’s talk about the different types of Power Armor you can rock in Fallout 4.

Raider Power Armor

Raider Power Armor is worn by those pesky Raider minibosses. Take them down, salvage their parts, repair them, and boom – you’ve got yourself a set of Raider Power Armor. Easy peasy!

T-45 Power Armor

The T-45 Power Armor is the first set you’ll come across when you leave Sanctuary. During the quest “When Freedom Calls” in Concord, you’ll find this beauty waiting for you.

T-51 Power Armor

Level up to 15, and you’ll start finding T-51 parts instead of T-45. Keep an eye out for them in various locations.

T-60 Power Armor

The T-60 Power Armor is the next step up, and it can be yours if you join The Brotherhood of Steel. Don’t want to join? Head over to Atom Cats Garage and be prepared to shell out some caps.

X-01 Power Armor

This is the holy grail of Power Armor. It’s the most powerful and hardest to find. To get your hands on it, aim for level 30 or higher before venturing out. You can buy parts from Rowdy at Atom Cats Garage, or try your luck at the South Boston military checkpoint.

Pro Tip: Check out the Custom House Tower near Diamond City for another chance to snag some X-01 Power Armor.

Now that you’re armed with this knowledge, go forth and conquer the wasteland with your awesome Power Armor. Just remember to stock up on Fusion Cores and always have a spare one handy. Happy hunting, wasteland warriors!

Images credit: Bethesda Softworks