Fallout 76: Solo Players Shouldn’t Be Forgotten

Fallout 76: Solo Players Shouldn't Be Forgotten

Playing Fallout 76: Co-op vs. Solo

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Despite belonging to a primarily single-player franchise, Fallout 76 is all about the fun of playing together! Co-op play in Fallout 76 offers a ton of benefits, while solo play can leave you feeling a bit lonely. Let’s take a look at why joining forces might be your best bet in the wasteland.

Public Teams: The Power of Many

Being on a Public Team in Fallout 76 can give you a serious edge. With up to four players in a team, you can stack buffs and get extra skill points. Plus, there’s a 100% experience boost for completing Public Events, Daily Ops, or Expeditions. It’s like a supercharged party!

Joining random players on a Public Team may seem daunting, but don’t worry. Most players in Fallout 76’s community understand the benefits and are happy to team up without any pressure to actually play together. It’s more like chilling together, but everyone’s doing their own thing.

Buffs, Mutations, and Perks, Oh My!

Playing on a Public Team opens up a world of possibilities. You can earn up to four points in Endurance, Intelligence, or Charisma, depending on the team type. Not to mention the free fast-travel points provided by your teammates and their CAMPs. Who needs caps when you have friends?

There are also Perks and Mutations that work best with Public Teams. The Herd Mentality Perk gives you two points to every SPECIAL skill just for being on any Public Team, even if you’re the only one on it. And if someone on your team has a Mutation, the Strange In Numbers Perk will boost the positive effects by 25% for everyone! Talk about teamwork!

Sharing is Caring… with Perks

Got high Charisma? Then you’ll love sharing your perks with your Public Team. This generous act can make a huge difference for your teammates, especially if you have some powerful perks up your sleeve. Being a superhero without a cape has never been so rewarding!

The Solo Struggle

Now, let’s talk about the solo players. While co-op players get all these awesome benefits, solo players only have access to one lonely Perk card, the “Lone Wanderer.” Sure, it offers up to a 20% damage reduction and a 30% increase in AP regeneration, but let’s be honest, it’s not quite as exciting as all those co-op buffs.

It’s clear that solo players have a difficult time in Fallout 76. They face a severe disadvantage, and it’s time for the game to step up and give them the attention they deserve!

Whether you thrive in the company of others or prefer to go it alone, Fallout 76 is here to cater to your wasteland desires. Play it your way and enjoy the adventure!

Fallout 76 is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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