Genshin Impact: 14 Evil Characters in the Game

Genshin Impact: 14 Evil Characters in the Game

Genshin Impact: Unveiling the Darkness Behind the Characters

Updated July 30th, 2023, by Nahda Nabiilah:

As Genshin Impact’s story slowly heads toward a conclusion, many theories are proven to be right or wrong, and many characters’ motives start to be clearer. The expansion of the regions also further unlocks hidden lore that can be interpreted if players take their time in reading the available items. With a lot of events and twists, some characters maintain their immoral purpose and evil self, while others find a better goal, just like Scaramouche who later becomes Wanderer. For these reasons, this article will be updated to improve the lore of previously written materials and update new villains in the roster.

14. Unknown God

Unknown God

Prepare for a showdown with the ultimate villain of Genshin Impact – the enigmatic Unknown God. While we still don’t know exactly why she blocks the twins’ path, one thing is clear: she’s no friendly neighborhood deity. Claiming to be the “sustainer of heavenly principles,” she puts a serious damper on the twins’ escape plan. And if that wasn’t enough, the existing characters themselves use the term “heavenly principles” with a negative connotation. It seems like the divine and friendly aren’t necessarily synonymous in Teyvat.

13. Enjou


Don’t let Enjou fool you with his helpful demeanor. This Abyss Lector is a master of deception. Initially, he appears as a researcher, aiding the players on their journey. But in version 2.5, Enjou reveals his true colors and restores the three Towers of the Void, plunging Byakuyakoku into darkness. His betrayal not only puts the region in peril but also poisons anyone unfortunate enough to be outside the Abyss Order. Talk about a double-cross!

12. Decarabian


Decarabian, the self-proclaimed “protector” of the people, turns out to be more of a dictator than a savior. Yes, he created a wind barrier to shield his subjects from harsh blizzards, but at what cost? His rule becomes synonymous with oppression as he controls every aspect of his people’s lives. When they dare to rebel and seek freedom, Decarabian responds with violence. It’s safe to say that his lack of empathy and love for his people makes him a true villain in the story.

11. The Old Lawrence

The Old Lawrence

Ah, the Lawrence Clan, the epitome of turning freedom into slavery. Initially, Mondstadt was a shining beacon of liberty under the rule of Barbatos. But things quickly took a dark turn when the Lawrence Clan gained power. They not only abused their position but also reveled in the suffering of others, even using citizens for gladiatorial battles. Their legacy of hate persists even after thousands of years, as seen through the disdain for Eula, their descendant. The Lawrence Clan truly tarnished the City of Freedom.

10. Gold


Behold Rhinedottir, or as she’s famously known, “Gold.” This alchemist from Khaenri’ah is more than just a troublemaker. Her creations, the Riftwolves, wreak havoc across Teyvat, causing chaos wherever they go. Although the reason behind her monstrous creations remains a mystery, it’s clear that Rhinedottir is in search of the “apex achievement” – whatever that may be. While not all of Gold’s creations turn out to be evil, her ambition and experimentation could be a catalyst for the catastrophe that wiped out an entire civilization.

9. Albedo’s Impostor (Primordial Albedo)

Albedo’s Impostor

Albedo, the Chief Alchemist of Mondstadt, is shrouded in mystery. But what if I told you that he has an evil doppelgänger? In Genshin Impact 2.3, Primordial Albedo escapes from the belly of Durin, the giant dragon. Filled with envy and resentment, this imposter concocts a plan to eliminate the real Albedo using a giant Fellflower. The tainted mirror image of our beloved alchemist proves that not everything is as it seems, and trust can be shattered in an instant.

8. Childe


Tartaglia, also known as Childe, may have a charming demeanor, but don’t be deceived – he’s as evil as they come. This Fatui Harbinger is sworn to the Tsaritsa and will stop at nothing to fulfill her goals. In the Archon Quest, Childe releases the terrifying Overlord of the Vortex, Osial, without considering the consequences. His loyalty lies with the Cryo Archon, and he’s willing to bring death and destruction to achieve his objectives. With Childe, it’s clear that being a bad guy is just part of the job description.

7. La Signora

La Signora

Some stories in Genshin Impact are hiding in plain sight, and La Signora’s tale is no exception. Disguised as the Crimson Witch of Flames, her true identity is Rosalyne, a tragic figure fueled by grief and revenge. After losing her knightly love, Rosalyne channels her flame powers to eliminate monsters and demons. However, her actions lead to fear and isolation from society, earning her the infamous title of “Crimson Witch.” But her story doesn’t end there – recruited by the Harbingers, Rosalyne becomes La Signora and serves the Tsaritsa, forever scarred by her past.

6. Scaramouche


Scaramouche, the sixth Fatui Harbinger, is a master of deception. With his arrogant attitude and foul mouth, he’s not exactly the most likable character. In version 2.1, we learn that Scaramouche was meant to be a puppet for the Electro Archon. However, things took a turn when the cunning Harbinger’s power got sealed instead. Seeking vengeance, he goes rogue and hunts down the enigmatic Dottore. But his path takes an unexpected twist when he encounters Nahida and finds himself lost in a new goal – a journey that transforms him into a Wanderer.

5. Jiu (Azhdaha)


Jiu may seem like an innocent bystander, but she holds something far more sinister within. As the embodiment of Azhdaha’s anger, her mission is to unseal the ancient Liyue beast. Azhdaha, once a close friend of Morax, became consumed by erosion, leading him to believe that the Geo Archon had betrayed him. Jiu’s purpose is to unleash the Vishap Lord on the world, using unwitting miners to dig a tunnel. Beware the blue-haired girl – her deception runs deep.

4. Arlecchino


Childe isn’t one to mince words, and when he calls Arlecchino insane, you know it’s serious. Known as the caretaker of the House of the Hearth in Snezhnaya, Arlecchino turns capable children into sleeper agents. But what about the incapable ones? The true horrors lie in what awaits those deemed unworthy in the sinister depths of the Orphanage. Arlecchino is a wolf in sheep’s clothing, a betrayer to her own cause and even to the Tsaritsa. Her true nature remains hidden beneath her eerie facade.

3. Il Dottore

Il Dottore

Il Dottore, the notorious second-in-command of the Fatui Harbingers, is a master of manipulation. A collector of knowledge, he views himself as superior to everyone else. But his experiments on humans are nothing short of monstrous, as he turns them into mindless machines destined to fight in Haeresys. Dottore’s cruelty knows no bounds, and even his own subordinates fear him. He may wear the title of “The Doctor,” but his actions are anything but healing.

2. The Twin

The Twin

In the world of Genshin Impact, even the concept of good and evil gets turned upside down. Depending on your chosen main character, either Aether or Lumine, their twin will be cast as the “evil” counterpart. The reasons behind this sibling rivalry are still shrouded in mystery, but it seems that the Abyss Order has successfully swayed one of the twins to their side. As the plot thickens, the line between hero and villain blurs, leaving you questioning who to trust.

1. Tsaritsa


Once the God of Love, the Cryo Archon, also known as the Tsaritsa, has fallen from grace. Her heart has turned cold, as she no longer loves her people, nor do they love her. While her exact motives are still shrouded in mystery, it’s clear that she has become the biggest tyrant in the story. With her order to the Fatui Harbingers to collect the Archons’ Gnosis at any cost, the Tsaritsa plans to rebel against the Divines. Love may have been her domain once, but now she’s entered a realm of darkness.

Genshin Impact is available for Mobile, PC, PS4, and PS5, with a Switch version in development.

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