Chevreuse: The Pyro Polearm Captain’s Ascension Journey

Meet Chevreuse, the Pyro-focused Overload character in Genshin Impact - all you need for her Ascension

Genshin Impact Materials for Chevreuse Ascension

🔥 Attention, Genshin Impact players! 🔥 Get ready to join forces with Chevreuse, the fiery four-star Pyro user wielding a polearm. With her strong sense of justice and her mastery of the Pyro element, she’s here to bring a new level of heat to your team. In this guide, we’ll take a deep dive into Chevreuse’s ascension materials, the total cost of leveling her up, and the materials needed to level up her talents. Let’s set sail!

Chevreuse’s Ascension Materials

Ascending a character is a crucial step in Genshin Impact. It’s like giving them a power-up, but it comes with its own set of challenges. Chevreuse’s ascension requires various materials, including Agnidus Agate, Lumidouce Bell, Meshing Gear, Mechanical Spur Gear, and Fontemer Unihorn. 🌟

To fully ascend Chevreuse, you’ll need to gather the following materials:

  • Phase 1: Level 40, Mora Cost 20,000
    • Agnidus Agate Sliver x 1
    • Luidouce Bell x 3
    • Meshing Gear x 3
  • Phase 2: Level 50, Mora Cost 40,000
    • Agnidus Agate Fragment x 3
    • Luidouce Bell x 10
    • Meshing Gear x 15
    • Fontemer Unihorn x 2
  • Phase 3: Level 60, Mora Cost 60,000
    • Agnidus Agate Fragment x 6
    • Luidouce Bell x 20
    • Mechanical Spur Gear x 12
    • Fontemer Unihorn x 4
  • Phase 4: Level 70, Mora Cost 80,000
    • Agnidus Agate Chunk x 3
    • Luidouce Bell x 30
    • Mechanical Spur Gear x 18
    • Fontemer Unihorn x 8
  • Phase 5: Level 80, Mora Cost 100,000
    • Agnidus Agate Chunk x 6
    • Luidouce Bell x 45
    • Artificed Dynamic Gear x 12
    • Fontemer Unihorn x 12
  • Phase 6: Level 90, Mora Cost 120,000
    • Agnidus Agate Gemstone x 6
    • Luidouce Bell x 60
    • Artificed Dynamic Gear x 24
    • Fontemer Unihorn x 20

🌸 Remember to keep an eye on the refresh schedule of local specialties. 🌸

Now, let’s break it down. The best way to approach ascending Chevreuse is to consider the number of materials needed and their availability. Plan your farming accordingly to make the process more efficient. And don’t forget about the Original Resin cost to collect World Boss drops! It may require 920 Original Resin, which means five to six days’ worth of refills. 😅

What Is the Total Cost of Leveling Up Chevreuse?

Once you’ve overcome the challenges of gathering the ascension materials, it’s time to focus on leveling up your beloved Chevreuse. Forgetting about this crucial step would be a grave mistake! ⚠️

To level up Chevreuse, you’ll need Experience Books and Mora. Here’s the breakdown:

  • Level 1 – 10: Experience Book Cost—Adventurer’s Experience x 5, Wanderer’s Advice x 1, 975 leftover EXP
    • Mora: 5,000
  • Level 10 – 20: Experience Book Cost—Adventurer’s Experience x 19, 825 EXP wasted
    • Mora: 18,800
  • Level 20 – 30: Experience Book Cost—Hero’s Wit x 10, Adventurer Experience x 2, Wanderer’s Advice x 3, 75 leftover EXP
    • Mora: 42,400
  • Level 30 – 40: Experience Book Cost—Hero’s Wit x 18, Adventurer’s Experience x 1, Wanderer’s Advice x 1, 675 EXP wasted
    • Mora: 73,000
  • Level 40 – 50: Experience Book Cost—Hero’s Wit x 29, 900 EXP wasted
    • Mora: 115,800
  • Level 50 – 60: Experience Book Cost—Hero’s Wit x 42, Adventurer’s Experience x 3, 875 EXP wasted
    • Mora: 170,800
  • Level 60 – 70: Experience Book Cost—Hero’s Wit x 59, Adventurer’s Experience x 3, Wanderer’s Advice x 1, 75 EXP wasted
    • Mora: 239,000
  • Level 70 – 80: Experience Book Cost—Hero’s Wit x 80, Adventurer’s Experience x 2, Wanderer’s Advice x 2, 125 EXP wasted
    • Mora: 322,200
  • Level 80 – 90: Experience Book Cost—Hero’s Wit x 171, Wanderer’s Advice x 4, 875 EXP wasted
    • Mora: 684,600

Remember, distributing the experience books in this suggested manner minimizes EXP waste. However, you can adapt the plan based on your available resources. Just keep in mind the value of each Experience Book: Wanderer’s Advice (1,000 EXP), Adventurer’s Experience (5,000 EXP), and Hero’s Wit (20,000 EXP).

When it comes to Mora, leveling up a character from one to 90 costs roughly 2,091,600 Mora. Therefore, it’s crucial to keep some extra Mora on hand if you plan to ascend Chevreuse. The leveling up cost itself is 1,671,600 Mora, while the cost of ascension is 420,000 Mora.

Chevreuse’s Talent Materials

In Genshin Impact, character talents can make or break their damage output. Chevreuse’s unique role as a reaction-based support requires careful attention to her talent levels. Powering up her talents will significantly enhance her performance on the battlefield.

To level up Chevreuse’s talents, you’ll need a combination of Mora, Talent Books (Teachings of Order and Guide to Order), Mob Drops, and Weekly Boss Drops.

Here are the required materials for each talent level:

  • Level 2: Mora Cost 12,500, Teachings of Order x 3, Meshing Gear x 6
  • Level 3: Mora Cost 17,500, Guide to Order x 2, Mechanical Spur Gear x 3
  • Level 4: Mora Cost 25,000, Guide to Order x 4, Mechanical Spur Gear x 4
  • Level 5: Mora Cost 30,000, Guide to Order x 6, Mechanical Spur Gear x 6
  • Level 6: Mora Cost 37,500, Guide to Order x 9, Mechanical Spur Gear x 9
  • Level 7: Mora Cost 120,000, Philosophies of Order x 4, Artificed Dynamic Gear x 4, Lightless Eye of the Maelstrom x 1
  • Level 8: Mora Cost 260,000, Philosophies of Order x 6, Artificed Dynamic Gear x 6, Lightless Eye of the Maelstrom x 1
  • Level 9: Mora Cost 450,000, Philosophies of Order x 12, Artificed Dynamic Gear x 9, Lightless Eye of the Maelstrom x 2
  • Level 10: Mora Cost 700,000, Philosophies of Order x 18, Artificed Dynamic Gear x 12, Lightless Eye of the Maelstrom x 2 (Crown of Insight)

To obtain Crown of Insight, a very rare and special material, keep an eye out for limited-time events or exchange Sigils at specific locations in Teyvat.

🔥 Conclusion and Extra Tips 🔥

Now that you have the full picture of Chevreuse’s ascension and talent materials, it’s time to take action! Plan your farming sessions, keep track of refresh schedules for local specialties, and allocate resources wisely to make the most of your adventure.

Remember, Chevreuse’s ascension materials, leveling up costs, and talent materials are just a fraction of the vast world of Genshin Impact. Discover more characters, explore unique regions, and embark on epic quests through the enchanting lands of Teyvat!

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