Genshin Impact dev supports unpaid wages for VAs, urges studio to pay them.

Genshin Impact dev supports unpaid wages for VAs, urges studio to pay them.

Update – July 14: Genshin Impact Devs Have a Heart

Genshin Impact developer Hoyoverse responded to the recent allegations of unpaid voice actors, and let me tell you, they’re not playing games with this issue. In a statement sent to GameTopic+, they expressed their regret over the situation and pledged their support for the voice actors seeking proper payment.

“We truly value and respect the work and effort of everyone involved in Genshin Impact,” the statement reads. “We have made timely payments to our recording studio, and we have immediately urged the studio to pay our voice actors. We are also exploring alternative solutions to resolve this matter. Rest assured, we will keep everyone updated.”

Kudos to Hoyoverse for taking a stand and supporting their talented voice actors. Let’s hope this situation gets resolved soon!

Genshin Impact Voice Actors Demand Their Due

It seems like not everyone is feeling the impact of Genshin’s success. Several voice actors, including the voice of everyone’s favorite companion, Paimon, have recently come forward with shocking claims—they haven’t been paid for months!

Corina Boettger, the voice behind Paimon, took to Twitter to express their frustration. “I am owed thousands of dollars,” they wrote. “I am struggling to pay rent because of this. This project has made billions. This project should be union.” Strong words, but the voice actors have a point.

Speaking of unions, Boettger suggested that Genshin Impact should join SAG-AFTRA, the acclaimed union representing professionals in the entertainment industry. They even went as far as saying, “This wouldn’t happen if the game was union.”

Boettger isn’t alone in this battle for fair compensation. Their fellow voice actor, Brandon Winckler, also voiced his grievances, calling out the non-response from the FO studio Formosa. With a touch of sarcasm, he stated, “Inexcusable for us as actors to be waiting 4+ months for pay when you make $86 million per month.”

The voice actors deserve to be paid promptly for their hard work. They shouldn’t have to wait months to receive what they’re owed. This issue resonates with many in the industry, as unpaid bills seem to be an unfortunately common problem for non-union productions.

Community Support and Calls for Change

The Genshin Impact community has rallied behind the voice actors, showing their solidarity in the face of this injustice. One user expressed their disbelief, asking, “What on Earth would possess the studio to not pay the person that is in there the most, recording so much?”

Another user echoed the sentiment, stating, “Paimon has more dialogue than anybody in the game, and to not pay them is wrong.” The community recognizes the talent and dedication of these voice actors, and they’re not happy to see them treated unfairly.

It’s not just the community that’s standing up for what’s right. Even other industry professionals, like Kyle McCarley, have joined the conversation to lend their support. McCarley highlighted the eroding standards in the voice-over industry and called for the whole Genshin Impact cast to follow Brandon’s lead.

While we wait for further developments, let’s hope that Hoyoverse, Formosa, and everyone involved can work together to find a resolution. The voice actors deserve their fair share, and it’s time for the game industry to step up and ensure that all voices are valued and compensated.