God of War Ragnarok cast

God of War Ragnarok cast

God of War Ragnarok: Meet the All-Star Cast!

Welcome, fellow gamers, to the realm of God of War Ragnarok! Prepare to embark on an epic Viking odyssey filled with drama, blood spray, and war paint. What makes this adventure even more thrilling is the talented cast of voice actors who bring these larger-than-life characters to life. So, grab your controller and let’s meet the gods!

Christopher Judge as Kratos – The God of War

Christopher Judge

Returning to his iconic role as Kratos, the titular God of War, is the immensely talented Christopher Judge. You may recognize him as Teal’c from Stargate SG-1 or as Black Panther in Marvel’s Avengers. Judge has also lent his versatile voice to numerous characters in World of Warcraft. Fun fact: Judge won the esteemed Best Performance award at the 2022 Game Awards for reprising the role of Kratos!

Sunny Suljic as Atreus/Loki – Kratos’ Son and Deity Extraordinaire

Sunny Suljic

The young deity Atreus, aka Loki, is brilliantly portrayed by 17-year-old Sunny Suljic. Besides his gripping performance as Atreus in the previous game, Sunny has showcased his acting chops in films like ‘The Killing of a Sacred Deer’ and ‘Mid90s’. His remarkable talent earned him a nomination for the Best Performance award at the 2022 Game Awards, right alongside Christopher Judge!

Danielle Bisutti as Freya – The Vanir Goddess with a Grudge

Danielle Bisutti

Portraying the Vanir Goddess Freya for the second time is the multi-talented Danielle Bisutti. You may have seen her on shows ranging from ‘Parks and Recreation’ to ‘CSI: Miami’. Her vibrant performances have captivated audiences, and now she brings Freya to life in all her vengeance-filled glory.

Alastair Duncan as Mimir – The Literal Talking Head

Alastair Duncan

Behold the one and only Mimir, the Smartest Man Alive, whose voice is masterfully brought to life by Alastair Duncan. This seasoned actor has graced both TV screens and video games, delighting us with his performances as the Vulture in Marvel’s Spider-Man, Celebrimbor in Middle-Earth: Shadow of War, and the superpowered senator Steven Armstrong in Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance.

Ryan Hurst as Thor – The God of Thunder Steps into the Gaming Realm

Ryan Hurst

Prepare to face the mighty Thor, played by the talented actor Ryan Hurst in his first major video game role. While you may know him from TV shows like ‘The Walking Dead’ and ‘Sons of Anarchy’, he’s ready to unleash the thunder and make his mark in the gaming world.

Richard Schiff as Odin – The All-Father with Limited Depth Perception

Richard Schiff

Leading the Aesir and donning the eyepatch of Odin is the esteemed actor Richard Schiff. Known for his Emmy-winning role as Toby Ziegler on ‘The West Wing’, Schiff has graced both the silver screen, appearing in films like ‘Man of Steel’ and ‘Black Panther: Wakanda Forever’, and even played himself in the ‘Entourage’ movie.

Mina Sundwall as Thrud – Thor’s Warrior Daughter

Mina Sundwall

Battle-ready and fierce, Thor’s warrior daughter Thrud is portrayed by the talented actress Mina Sundwall. You might know her as Penny from the Netflix adaptation of ‘Lost in Space’ or as Lita in ‘Legends of Tomorrow’. Sundwall brings her undeniable charisma and skill to this exciting character, leaving a lasting impression on players.

Laya DeLeon Hayes as Angrboda – The Enigmatic Goddess

Laya DeLeon Hayes

Stepping into the intriguing role of Angrboda is the talented 18-year-old Laya DeLeon Hayes. With an impressive resume that includes the ‘Equalizer’ TV series and giving her voice to Rell in ‘League of Legends’, Hayes showcases her versatility and brings depth to this mystifying goddess.

Ben Prendergast as Tyr – The Norse War God

Ben Prendergast

The voice of the legendary Norse War God, Tyr, is masterfully provided by the Australian actor Ben Prendergast. You may recognize his voice from his portrayal of General Hux and Darth Maul in the ‘Lego Star Wars Holiday Special’, or as Fuse in ‘Apex Legends’ and Patroclus in the critically acclaimed game ‘Hades’.

Deborah Ann Woll as Faye – Kratos’ Wife and Atreus’ Mother

Deborah Ann Woll

Finally, making her grand appearance as Kratos’ wife and Atreus’ mother, Faye, is the talented actress Deborah Ann Woll. Known for her roles as Karen Page in ‘The Punisher’ and ‘Daredevil’, as well as Jessica Hamby in ‘True Blood’, Woll brings her captivating performances from the small screen to the gaming world.

With such an incredible and diverse cast, God of War Ragnarok promises to be a gaming experience like no other. Immerse yourself in this mythological journey, guided by the extraordinary talents of these actors. Prepare to be amazed, entertained, and utterly hooked by the gods and goddesses who await you on your quest!